Ban Shu Legend Ep 9

Apologies for the delay

Produced by Yu Zheng and written by screenwriter Zhang Wei, this is the counterpart to his previous popular series Female Prime Minister. The story talks about the niece of the first female prime minister Ban Zhao. The bubbly intelligent Ban Shu earns her way up to become a popular teacher at the Royal Female Academy/Imperial Female School formed by the Empress Deng Wei where she meets and falls in love with the cold and mysterious Wei Yang who is the head of the Royal Male Academy, the counterpart to the school she teaches. However, her job in the court becomes much harder when conspiracies begin to take place, as a result she decides to leave the court to spread the Han culture.



  1. Video says “content rejected. This video has been removed due to a breach of Terms of Use”😭 pls fix. Thank you.


  2. the actress playing princess wenxi looks exactly the same in her current drama love is deep but just has a different hairstyle of course. sunyi seems to be under teacher kuo’s control. hopefully she wont play a baddie


  3. Thank you so much for subbing this episode. Seeing Wei Ying place his cloak on Ah Shu and the kiss scene were super adorable! I wonder when we’ll see the relationship between Wei Ying and Ah Shu develop?!?


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