[Eng Sub] Ten Deadly Sins Ep 6-8

Adapted from the popular crime novel of the same name, this drama series follows the SIG (Special Investigation Group) as they deal with the most abnormal twisted and difficult to crack homicide cases. In the process, each member has to face their own obstacles and past and growth.

Ep 6


Ep 7


Ep 8


<Ep 5  Ep 9>


  1. Hi
    I saw your post on Facebook that edge to happiness is being subbed by you. So please let me know when you will upload ep1?


  2. I have been waiting for this to get subbed for so long. Glad you picked it up. Thanks a lot. If you don’t mind, can I request you to sub drama “Detective dee( 2017)”. Really want to watch it but it’s not subbed completely. Thanks in advance.


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