[Eng Sub] Edge to happiness ep 1

Synopsis: He Mu (Ma Tian Yu), the youngest son of a rich family was the typical rich male heir, rich, spoilt, and carefree. His life takes a turn when his father forces him to go through an arranged marriage and his response? Run away and start a new life by working his way up a PR firm headed by his elder brother’s ex girlfriend (Kelsey Lu) where he meets the hard-working Su Xiao Xiao (Deng Jia Jia). Unbeknowst to him, this was merely the start of a conspiracy that threatens to rip apart his happy family……

Ep 1


  1. I am really hooked to this show. The wait is too much. When you will upload next episode? Though willam parts have already been subbed but I would like to watch the whole series someday.


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