[Eng Sub] Ten Deadly sins Ep 18-21

Adapted from the popular crime novel of the same name, this drama series follows the SIG (Special Investigation Group) as they deal with the most abnormal twisted and difficult to crack homicide cases. In the process, each member has to face their own obstacles and past and growth.

New case: beware that this new case is quite sad and a little more dark.

Nb: ichthyosis disease is a disease that produces widespread and persistent thick, dry, “fish-scale” skin. In severe types, it may be fatal.

Ep 18

Ep 19


Ep 20

Ep 21



  1. I would like to recommend two dramas of zheng shuang – Beauty private kitchen and we have grown up variety show.. No one is picking up these shows. please..


  2. Congrats on completing another drama. Could you pls consider scouring marriage and the best meeting next? Many thanks for the translations and all the hard work you do for us. Please take the request into consideration. Good day!


  3. Also please consider subbing Young Blood 2019 next. The drama looks really good and I think it has already completed airing but nobody has picked it up for subbing yet. The cast has Zhou Yu Tong ❤ I even saw Hung Bruce the Taiwanese actor in the trailers.
    Another one for whose subs I am waiting is Love is deep. The leads are so beautiful and for some reason it is giving me vibes of Put Your Head on My Shoulder. But for this drama I think someone will pick it up for subbing soon.


      1. Hi. just wanted to let you know Love is deep is getting subbed on YouTube by the official channel. No English subtitles for Young Blood anywhere. It has 40 episodes I think. Another drama I wanted to watch that surprisingly still doesn’t have subtitles is Please Give Me A Pair of Wings. It is a period drama like Siege of Fog but focuses less on romance I think. Maybe nobody wants to pick it up because it has 60 episodes (eep!) but the cast is filled with popular actors like Aaron yan, ju jingyi, merxat, zhang yu xi.


  4. thank you for subbing this drama and congratulations on completing another drama project ❤
    although I have not seen this one yet but I am ready to binge watch it as soon as I have time. BTW episode 19 says content rejected. the video has been removed due to breach of terms of use.


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