[Eng Sub]Puppet Prince Pt 1 Links to watch film and review

Synopsis: A love story between an inventor from the Mo clan/school and a puppet who has the ten functional human abilities. Yan Shi Shi’s senior brother and his puppet creation are kidnapped and quite soon after the city falls into dark times for the puppet creators who are known as the Yan Masters due to a riot of these puppets and the Yan Masters who orchestrated it. This led to prohibition of the Yan craft (puppet creation craft) and the arrest and execution of the puppets and the Yan Masters.

Whilst trying to discover the truth behind her senior’s disappearance, Yan Shi Shi meets a mysterious man who claims to be the Chief personal guard of the Governor, Ji Ye Chen. He cannot see color, yet surprisingly, when he sees Yan Shi Shi, he is able to see color. Curious, they search Shi Shi’s senior to find the reason and get pulled into a series of mysterious events, falling in love in the process. He gains a heartbeat, starts to see color and questions the truth behind the riot of the puppets. But this tests their love and fate…..




Another film that was not a novel adaptation or a remake of another drama/folk legend. Although it hasn’t got a very good rating from mydramalist but I actually found it not so bad. Everything nicely ties up and the mysteries are all explained with a few unexpected turns in the story. It also flows quite well however there are places that can be improved such as the romance was a little rushed; the puppet just suddenly falls deeply in love with Yan Shi Shi and the only explanation was she can make me see color doesn’t seem convincing enough, but then again it’s a 75 minute film that isn’t just about inter-species romance so they don’t have the time to elaborate on these things as well as in dramas. I would recommend you checking it out if you have a spare hour or two and you don’t want to use your brain too much.


In terms of character development, I guess there really isn’t much due to the way the plot unravels itself. It doesn’t flow in chronological order, instead crucial parts of the events in history are told to us in flashbacks. However I suppose the puppet which the FL calls foolish wood develops the most from not being able to speak at all to falling in love and becoming a replacement for a human being.


It has a quite nice color scheme and a nice set. It does look like the production team were on a small budget though with the weird lanterns voodoo dust but I think it does bring the plot to life quite well.




  1. Wow – I’m glad you found this and translated it! If ever there was a Chinese film that could be made again for Netflix – this one deserves a reboot. Very good steampunk story. You might not have heard but the earliest science fiction story in Chinese literature is said to be the story ““Yanshi” in one of the classics of Taoism, “Liezi”. Yanshi is a metal maker who makes an amazing automaton. When the emperor sees it, he doesn’t believe it’s a real robot and makes Yanshi take it apart to prove that its not a person in disguise.


  2. hi thanks for the upload, btw when i click the link , i cant play the video, it always direct me to other site. please fix, part 2 also like this situation.


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