[Eng Sub] Edge of Happiness Ep 2

Apologies for the delay!

Synopsis: He Mu (Ma Tian Yu), the youngest son of a rich family was the typical rich male heir, rich, spoilt, and carefree. His life takes a turn when his father forces him to go through an arranged marriage and his response? Run away and start a new life by working his way up a PR firm headed by his elder brother’s ex girlfriend (Kelsey Lu) where he meets the hard-working Su Xiao Xiao (Deng Jia Jia). Unbeknowst to him, this was merely the start of a conspiracy that threatens to rip apart his happy family……



  1. Just to let you (and everyone) know this drama is being subbed in English at WeTV App website. It’s currently a VIP drama, so they have released Ep. 1-6 for everyone and Ep. 7-44 are available for VIP users. Not sure when (or if) the other episodes will be released for all users. I don’t have the App, so I can’t comment if things are different on the actual app than the website.


  2. Hey, We are getting updates of other dramas but not from this drama. If this has not been subbed further, kindly let us know.


  3. Hey, Thanks a lot for choosing to sub this drama. Only 2 episodes till now has been subbed. Could you please sub 1 ep a week atleast. Please don’t abandon this drama. Most likely to watch it till the end.


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