[Eng Sub] Cheat my Boss Ep 2

A drama focusing on the extreme pressures and life of being an internet star and working in the E-commerce industry. Jiang Chu Chu, a struggling internet star with her own studio and small team are at the brink of going out of business when suddenly an online bad review she gave to a famous lingerie company gives her a chance to turn her business around, except…..it involves lying about the fact her boyfriend is the mysterious Chairman of the company, Luo Tian Yi who she has never met before.

To lead his own business into the e-commerce industry Luo Tian Yi comes to the city Jiang Chu Chu works in and suddenly discovers that Jiang Chu Chu is going around saying he’s her boyfriend. Infuriated he sets off to find her, however starts falling for her when he meets her and decides to stay and help her out in her ploy. However, their romance undergoes many trials due to the disparity in their backgrounds. An even bigger test arises in the international stage of lingerie fashion. Although success is uncertain, Chu Chu and her friends are willing to give their all.



  1. Thank you for all your hard work subbing Ep. 1-2 of this drama. Much appreciated. I will go to the Mango TV Drama Youtube Channel for the rest of the episodes.


      1. Did i reply to someone’s comment? I meant to write a new comment but the alignment is weird in my phone so I can’t really tell lol.


  2. MMmmm … that was another candy floss fix to make me put outside the heaviness of daily reality
    It cracks me up that she looks like a jaded 30 year old and he looks like a Teenager in the middle of a growth spurt, especially hilarious the shaving scene on skin that looks smoother than a baby’s bottom LOL

    Very much appreciate your passion to provide us drama addicts with subs.
    Thank you


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