[Eng Sub] Backlight of Love Ep 1

A supernatural drama starring Dilraba and Merxat.
Synopsis: After running away from her arranged wedding, Jiang Li is mysteriously attacked, causing her soul to leave her body however the trauma from the attack causes her to lose her memories after high school. The reaper who comes to collect her tells her that she must regain her memories within 7 days in order to wake up and have a second chance in life. So she sets out to try and figure who her attacker/murderer was however everything is not as it seems. Will she be able to remember everything in time?

Chinese drama before the main FL became famous. Diliraba plays a controversial character here who is quite different from her other roles.



  1. Yay I always wanted to see this drama because of Dilraba and Merxat. Happy to see it getting subbed! I’ve seen some spoilers of this drama in random clips before so I might have to re-watch their scenes in legend of banshu after this XD


      1. Thank you for the response. You are really helping us. The request is to continue the subbing of agent x. It’s only up to 14. The drama is really good and love tang yan in it. I started watching it due to her. Please don’t leave it before reaching last ep.


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