[Eng Sub] Young Blood Ep 17 & 18 & 19

Translator notes:

  • 龙潭虎穴 (den of tigers and dragons): The full phrase translates roughly to the dark underground water cave of dragons and deep dens where the tigers hide. It means an extremely dangerous place
  • With only the moon’s glow as my company: comes from the poem, The manor within the Bamboo forest ( 竹里馆 ) by Tang poet Wang Wei. The rough translation of the entire poem is:
    I sit alone in the quiet dark bamboo forest,
    Playing the Guqin to accompany my loud whistle
    No-one knows that I am deep in the bamboo forest
    With only the moon's glow as my company
  • 一丘之貉 jackals from the same lair is the literal translation, the equivalent english saying for it is cut from the same cloth.
  • 狼狈为奸 in cahoots with each other.
  • 香火 Literal translation (continuous offering of incense): I translated this as bloodline when Ya Nei asks his father for the antidote. This is because normal people can only have someone to make continuous offering of incense if you have a bloodline of descendants. In traditional chinese beliefs, you will only live a prosperous and happy life in the afterlife if you have descendants or someone to offer incense to your memorial tablet/ grave. This is why to the chinese, especially in traditional families it’s important to have children otherwise no-one will make any offerings to you and you’ll struggle in the afterlife.

Ep 17

Link 2:


Ep 18

Ep 19



  1. I knew camping out on this page would be worth it! Thank you so much for keeping up with this drama and our requests. Can’t wait for the rest of the eps to be reuploaded!


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