[Eng Sub] Young Blood ep 20 & 21


  1. Gulinggao, also known as tortoise jelly.  It was traditionally made from the powdered plastron from the turtle Cuora trifasciata and a variety of herbal products. According to traditional chinese medicine, it is meant to cool and detoxify the body, relieve itching and is good for the skin. Eaten often in the summer or when you get pimples.
  2. Li Bai: one of the most famous and influential chinese poets from the Tang dynasty. He is known to be a genius and took traditional forms of literature to great new heights.
  3. Hong Luan star: It is one of the stars for marriage and love according to purple star astrology (which is a  famous type of  fortune telling). It’s modern day use is as a saying to say that there are signs for an impeding marriage.

Synopsis: During the Qingli Era, troubling affairs brew underneath the prosperity and stability of the Northern Song Dynasty. Separatist regimes are secretly operating in the capital city of Dongjing, spying on the secret affairs of the Song Military. To avoid war and protect the peace between its people, the Northern Song uses the “Mi Ge” (Secret Cabinet) to train young spies. For a variety of reasons and whether willing or unwilling, these six become the Seventh Room of Mi Ge after strict selection and examination: cunning and intelligent Yuan Zhong Xin; beautiful and resourceful Zhao Jian; Xiao Jing, who can’t even kill a fly; never-lying Wang Kuan; antisocial Xue Ying; an admirer of beautiful women, Wei Ya Nei.
Upon first entering the school, each acts out of their own self-interest, making a mess of their surroundings and causing headaches for their teachers. After going through a series of life-and-death missions, the previously ignorant boys and girls gradually mature and form bonds with one another, devoting their determination and loyalty to defending the peace. Burying their names, they become unknown legends within the river of history.
(Source: translated from Baidu)

Please click the setting menu (top right corner of the video), click subtitles and english.

Ep 20

Ep 21


  1. Hi, unfortunately, the subs for episode 20 doesn’t seem to be working. I clicked on the english sub as usual but no subs appeared. I’m not sure about the 21st episode because I didn’t want to check it for spoilers lol.

    I know you have loads more you’re occupied with right now but hopefully this could be resolved when you can!

    Many thanks again, have really been enjoying this drama. Maybe this is a sign I should take a break first 🙈


  2. Hi
    Would you add subs to scouring marriage and beauty private kitchen please. These are the dramas am anxious to watch. Tons of thanks to you.


  3. Thank a lot. I really appreciate your help for eng sub. Looking forward to new episodes. Cannot wait for it


  4. oh man! thank you so much for these updates! i really have nothing but admiration for all the hard work you do! it’s incredible! and i love every episode!


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