[Eng Sub] Love is fate Ep 7 & 8

Synopsis: Thirty years ago, Ma Dong Shan, Han De Chang and Song Tian Ming set up the JR hotel together. But 30 years later, Ma Dong Shan is gravely ill, Han De Chang was long dead and Song Tian Ming’s son is missing. So, when the Chairman of JR hotel Ma Dong Shan falls ill, he calls his daughter Ma Ke Ai (Zheng He Hui Zi) from abroad and makes her the chairman of the hotel and manage the hotel on his behalf. Meanwhile, gets into an accident, when she is told that her boyfriend (Kong Shu Han) has “died” and from it gains the ability to see the future and other people’s feelings through physical touch.

Wanting to find out the answers to her father’s neglect and the person who wishes to harm him, she decides to go through with his wishes, however after going through a series of events, she realizes there may be a bigger secret to this. Together with Xia Yu Xing (Zhang Bing Bing), she overcomes all hardship and finds true love in the process.

Translation notes:

Gaokao: Taken in the final senior year of high school often to get into a university/college. US equivalent to the AP exams, UK equivalent to the A levels.

Ep 7

Ep 8


    1. You’re welcome. Glad to help. Yes, it’s all good. Now PP have more time to sub this drama Love Is Fate, right? 🙂


  1. Hi Could you please upload atleast 1 episode a month of edge to happiness. It’s been a year since you announced that news and we are still waiting for it. Thank you if you could do. We are looking forward to it.


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