[Eng Sub] Young Blood ep 22 & 23

Translation notes:

  1. Ep 22: “sister” The reason why I put the word sister in apostrophe marks is because the full direct translation of the original chinese subtitles was clan younger sister. This means that she could either be 1) a sister who shares the same parents as the prince, 2) or a sister who shares just a father with the prince, 3) or it can also mean a cousin who carries the same surname as the prince.
  2. Junzhu. This is the title of a secondary ranking princess. In most cases this means she is the daughter of a 1st ranking prince or qingwang or in some dynasties it could mean she was a daughter of the Emperor and a low ranking consort or lady in waiting. Also it can be given to a noble lady if she is an ambassador to a foreign country or the main participant of a politically arranged marriage. In this case she is both the daughter/ niece of a 1st ranking niece and a sister/cousin of a 1st ranking prince and the title is possibly given to her because of her role as an ambassador rather than her family status.

Ep 22

Ep 23


      1. Done that.. but when i turn it to full screen, the sub don’t appear.. but whatever, thanks for your reply and thanks for doing sub for this drama.. love it👏🏻


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