[Eng Sub] Young Blood ep 27

Translator notes:

  1. Ducal ministers: In Ancient China, this was the collective title given to the three ministers that held the most power in court and often this meant they were the closest aides of the Emperor (exceptions made for emperors under the control of a powerful minister).
  2. Remove the fire under the pot: One of the 36 stratagems. Taking out the leading asset or the most important part of the strategy. Instead of attacking directly, the ambushes are directed against the enemy’s ability to wage war. Another way of thinking about it is taking the fuel out of the fire
  3. Wedding gift: This is a gift  a representative of the (often) male party offers to the (often) female party when they propose the marriage (often a matchmaker or an elder). The more expensive or hard to come by the gift(s) are, the more sincerity you have towards the marriage proposal. NB: I say often because if the male party is marrying into the female party’s clan, then it would be the opposite.
  4. Lü Buwei: He is a famous businessman turned politician during the warring states period. He is known for being scheming and highly intelligent due to the fact he was able to put King Zhuangxiang of Qin onto the Qin throne despite the fact that Zhuangxiang was initially a minor prince who was a hostage in a different kingdom and he himself was a lowly merchant. Only princes who held little power and was unliked by the king were sent away as hostages. There are also rumors circulating that he may be the biological father of Emperor Qingshihuang the first Emperor of the unified China as Qingshihuang’s mother, Dowager Empress Zhao was once the concubine of Lü Buwei and continued the affair until her son ascended the throne.  However his downfall was as shocking as his rise to power; one of the lovers he introduced to Dowager Empress Zhao, Lao Ai was involved in a conspiracy to overthrow Qingshihuang and replace him with the illegitimate son of Empress Zhao and Lao Ai.  He is dramatized in the drama Legend of Hao Lan which roughly describes his ascent to the pinnacle of power.


During the Qingli Era, troubling affairs brew underneath the prosperity and stability of the Northern Song Dynasty. Separatist regimes are secretly operating in the capital city of Dongjing, spying on the secret affairs of the Song Military. To avoid war and protect the peace between its people, the Northern Song uses the “Mi Ge” (Secret Cabinet) to train young spies. For a variety of reasons and whether willing or unwilling, these six become the Seventh Room of Mi Ge after strict selection and examination: cunning and intelligent Yuan Zhong Xin; beautiful and resourceful Zhao Jian; Xiao Jing, who can’t even kill a fly; never-lying Wang Kuan; antisocial Xue Ying; an admirer of beautiful women, Wei Ya Nei.
Upon first entering the school, each acts out of their own self-interest, making a mess of their surroundings and causing headaches for their teachers. After going through a series of life-and-death missions, the previously ignorant boys and girls gradually mature and form bonds with one another, devoting their determination and loyalty to defending the peace. Burying their names, they become unknown legends within the river of history.
(Source: translated from Baidu)



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