[Eng Sub] Young Blood ep 28 & 29

Translator notes:

  1. Pulling the fire out from under the pot: This is one of the indirect tactics from the 36 stratagems. It means taking out the strongest opponent or the leading asset of someone’s strategy. Instead o fighting your opponent directly, your tactic is to reduce their ability to engage in war.
  2. Crossing the sea without our knowledge: Another tactic from the 36 stratagems. The actual translation is crossing the sea without the Emperor’s knowledge, but because the person in authority was Lu Guan Nian and he seems to be working with Han Duan Zhang so I swapped it out for our. The meaning of this strategy is to mask your real goals from those in authority who lack vision/intelligence/in agreement with you by not alerting them about your movements or any part of your plan.     There’s a story that goes with this one. During the 17th year of the Tang dynasty Emperor Tai Zhong’s reign, Emperor Taizhong decided to lead his army to suppress a riot in the east but they had to cross a sea in order to reach the riot. This frightened the Emperor who refused to allow his army to cross the sea by boat. Just when everyone was wondering what they could do, one of the Emperor’s new advisers disguised himself as a rich merchant and offered to feed the Emperor’s army. Grateful, the emperor visits his home by the sea which was surrounded by several large colorful screens. The Emperor unknowingly stepped into the “house” and feasted with his ministers. However after some time, he felt the “house” start to sway and rock continuously. He ordered for his aides to peel back the screen and when he did, to his shock and horror he was on a boat in the middle of the sea and his entire army were following him in boats. However there was nothing he could do as he was already in the sea. That was how this saying got it’s name.

Apologies for splitting ep 29 in parts, it’s just that there are so many versions of this drama that’s been uploaded with different bits cut and different resolution, so I had to split and join the different parts together.

Ep 28

Ep 29 pt 1

Pt 2


  1. Previously I watched a life time lov all eps but now in this drama young blood it keeps popping with play pause i dont know what wrong in youtube there s no eng sub


  2. Thank you for these lightning fast episodes! I’m currently watching this show with subtitles in my native language but the translated sentences are short & concise and missing some nuances (since it’s for TV). So I usually resort to watching both on TV and the ones you translated 🙂


  3. absolutely no problem! you are incredible! thank you so much! this recent update speed is blowing me away! thank you for using your precious time to bring us this content! it’s truly wondrous!


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