[Eng Sub] Miss Truth Ep 1 & 2

Synopsis: Set in the Tang Dynasty, Ran Yu is a noblewoman who becomes interested in forensic science after her Mother’s mysterious suicide and begins to solve murder cases. She meets a judicial official and an assassin by chance and finds true love through the course of searching for the truth.

Translator notes:

  1. Bridal/wedding escort: This is part of the wedding ritual where the bridegroom and his closest male friends and family will go to get the bride and take him back to his house to carry the rest of the wedding rituals. Traditionally this involves bowing to Heaven and Earth, the man’s ancestors and each other before the bride is delivered to the wedding chamber.
  2. Capturing the turtle in a jar: This is a chinese idiom which means to step up an arrangement so that one can easily catch their target.
  3. Di and Shu systems for succession: This discussion has probably been picked up for most dramas where this held a significance like Legend of Minglan and Royal Nirvana. So the Di sons and daughters were the offspring of the main, head wife (Zhengqi) who was usually in charge of running the household, managing the inner courtyard and resolving the issues of the other concubines of her husband. In some dynasties, a concubine can become the head wife when the previous head wife either died or was disowned, in others the husband must marry a new wife. Unless the first head wife was disowned, all the other wives, including the successive main wives must show them the most respect and children of the first main wife also had the highest social status. Just wanted to add that the Di sons and daughters had a higher social status and there was more effort placed in their upbringing than their Shu counterparts. They also had to followed stricter rules and were supposed to be better trained in the 4 arts, house management and had the most support in the career. This is because the Di daughters were often used to marry into families with a higher social status than the Shu sisters and Di sons especially the eldest Di son would one day become the leader of the family. Also, all the sons and daughter whether they are Di and Shu must call the main wife Mother whilst the biological mothers of the Shu sons and daughters must be called Aunt/Shu Mother. One other interesting thing to point out is that there is a difference in social statuses between Shu sons and daughters too. This is because there are concubines who come from a poorer family or one of lower status who has the right to raise their own children and concubines who were previously dancers/ prostitutes who do not have the right to raise their own children. Maids who warmed the beds of their masters was also at the bottom of the hierarchy unless they were made a concubine. But right at the bottom of the pile were the Waishi or the female who lived outside the household. Their children were illegitimate and could not inherit any of the family assets or were in the family registry unless they were welcomed into the family by the head wife. The chinese believed that in order to achieve harmony in the family, these rules must be strictly adhered to, so court officials can be impeached for not respecting their main wives and favoring their concubines and their Shu children over their Di ones. Also in some dynasties there was a limit to the number of concubines you could take according to your social status otherwise there would not be enough women to go around.
  4. Ugly toad trying to get a swan: This is the chinese idiom to describe someone trying to pursue someone who is way out of their league.

Ep 1

Ep 2


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  1. Thanks for picking this up to sub. Is it related to any novel?
    Please take care during this period with the virus everywere.


  2. I also wondered who was subbing this, since library sites have crap quality rips of these videos, I went looking for good quality, and realised it’s PP!


  3. started watching on YouTube without subs and put this on my WISH subbed in English list. I was so exceited to see you are subbing this drama. When I got the email notification I dropped everything and started watching. Thank you Thank YOu and Thank You on behalf of all of us that depend on subbers to take the baton and translate dramas. Be well.


  4. hi, productive procrastination. i havent been able to enter your website for the past 8months, was it just me or was something wrong on your end?


  5. Hello, I’m so happy you decided to sub this. And I am amazed by your explanations, they are extremely helpful, thank you 🙂


    1. I appreciate that you picked this up to sub! I don’t know why no one wants to provide English subs for this drama. It is so intriguing!

      You provided great information regarding the politics of the di and shu, which gives the viewers more insight on the family dynamic at the time. It is very helpful! Cannot wait for more episodes! Thank you for all of your hard work!


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