[Eng] Miss Truth Ep 5 & 6


Synopsis: Set in the Tang Dynasty, Ran Yu is a noblewoman who becomes interested in forensic science after her Mother’s mysterious suicide and begins to solve murder cases. She meets a judicial official and an assassin by chance and finds true love through the course of searching for the truth.

Translator Notes:

  1. Because of the punch of a peony, even in my dreams I can be inspired enough to create….: Peony is this case is to describe a woman. Chinese peonies were expensive flowers that were considered to be extremely beautiful, because of their vivid colors, that is why often compared with vivacious girls.
  2. Semu people: Term to describe people who live in the countries west of China so in Central and West Asia
  3. Emperor Wang Mang: He was an ambitious minister who seized the throne from the Liu Imperial clan during the Han dynasty. He is an ambiguous figure in history as some call him an usurper whilst others saw him as an idealist who failed in hia goal. He was summoned back to court by the Empress Dowager Wang to act as a regent for her husband’s last surviving male issue. During this time he implemented the harmonious society described in the classics and hence gaining a massive cult, making him extremely popular amongst the people. After Emperor Ping (who he acted as a regent) died or may have been murdered by him, he usurped the throne but he failed to manage the country based on the doctrines described in the classics so was overthrown and the Han dynasty was restored when Liu Xiu regained the throne.
  4. Huo Tuo one of the greatest chinese physicians in history. First one to discover anaesthetic
  5. Classroom recital of poem: This is part of a long chinese poem called Li Sao (literal translation Encountering sorrow) written during the Warring States period and attributed by aristocrat Qu Yuan. It was considered a work about chinese landscape, travel and political allegory as it contains a wide amount of chinese metaphors to describe his unfair treatment and rejection by the king he served (King Huai of Chu) and how he was unappreciated in this corrupt world.

Ep 5

Ep 6

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  1. Whoever that guy playing Zhu Qi is he’s just too damn pretty. Kept distracting me from what the other actors were doing. 😀

    I’ve seen your name before ‘productiveprocrastinator’ but this is the first time I’ve been too your site. Much appreciation for your hard wor… ahem… procrastination. 😉


  2. Thank you, PP coming through as always. Any thoughts on subbing Forward Forever after this? It suffers from google translate.

    Everyone, PP also subbed best version of The Legends, watch it to feed your drama addiction.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you so much for your Hard work. You Made my day. Germany is now under a lot of Pressure, like the Rest of the world too. Lot of Love and health to you


  4. Thank you for both episodes. My Saturday early morning treat — I also love the synopsis and explanation of different references (e. g. Peonies and historical background of the time period). That adds so much to the total enjoyment of the drama for a lot of English speakers. A good drama so far – keep up the extraordinary good work that you do.


    1. Thanks, that seemed to work. I set it at 480.. thanks for the quick response and for subbing . I have watched many things on your site and appreciate you very much.


  5. thanks so much!! The video keeps popping in and out of focus, mostly out… is it the speed of my internet ? I am on a Mac computer using Chrome.


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