[Eng] Miss Truth Ep 7 & 8


Synopsis: Set in the Tang Dynasty, Ran Yu is a noblewoman who becomes interested in forensic science after her Mother’s mysterious suicide and begins to solve murder cases. She meets a judicial official and an assassin by chance and finds true love through the course of searching for the truth.

Translator notes:

  1. South pointing chariot: This was an ancient two wheeled vehicle that carried a mobile pointer which would be able to indicate south no matter how the chariot was turned. It was believed it was achieved through the movement of differential gears which were linked to the wheels. For those of you who are good/interested at physics, this is an good paper to read up on for the mechanisms of the chariot: http://www.odts.de/southptr/tsai/Tsai_eng.pdf
  2. Deity of Taishan: Otherwise known as the Great Emperor Dongyue. This is the spirit that’s supposed to rule over Mt Tai (which was thought to be a sacred mountain in the east of the country) and the ancient people considered it as a way to Heaven.
  3. Birthing outfit: This was an outfit made for newborns to wear out of the fabric of old clothes from friends and family as a form of well wishing so that the child will be less likely to fall ill and will be more likely grow to become an adult.
  4. 3 movements of the sun: This phrase was from the I Ching. Some interpret it as the coming of spring and bringing prosperity and a way to bring good luck
  5. Tomb of a Han: Han in this case means someone from the Han dynasty rather than ethnically a Han


Ep 7 

Ep 8


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  1. Thank you tremendously for your work. Seeing that you updated twice this week has put one of the rare smiles to my face in these scary times where I’m unable to think of anything positive and trying to adapt to the confinement (I’m in france).
    Wish you the best and stay safe.


    1. Hi tutory,
      We got a lot of confinements in Germany too. So my thoughts are with you in france. But we got some Good News today: the german Company curevac is prepairing for vaccination Tests now. So hopefully in autumn there will be a solid vaccination possibility.
      Bises et sante a destination de la france.


    2. Please provide the eng subs for ep 9 and 10 – miss truth….. Thanks for the rest of the eng subs… And you are the only ones that are providing eng subs faster than the other websites…. 😊


        1. Sorry about that. I’m grateful for you that I get to enjoy something after a long shift in the hospital. It is getting serious here


          1. Yes, over here germany, Bavaria too. Pur Hospital Takes precautions and 2 companys are Productions Material for us.
            Hope everything and everyone will be save.🙏


  2. Thank you very much for translating this drama! What could be a better cure for panic than an exciting series? You are doing a great job. Thanks from Moscow! Health to all!


  3. Good stuff as usual. Glad to get some clarification on some of the technical stuff. It’s certainly a good excuse to rewatch the entire series. 😉
    Let me know if I’m able to help proofread etc. I’ve got some spare time now that our movements are increasingly restricted.


  4. Thank you so much. I agree, this brightens my day and brings a bit of joy into this chaotic time.
    Please stay safe everyone, best wishes.


  5. Dear PP,
    while Germany is preparing for shutdown and after work at the hospital you saved the day. (again!!! )
    Love and health to you all


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