[Eng Sub] Miss Truth Ep 20 & 21

Synopsis: Set in the Tang Dynasty, Ran Yu is a noblewoman who becomes interested in forensic science after her Mother’s mysterious suicide and begins to solve murder cases. She meets a judicial official and an assassin by chance and finds true love through the course of searching for the truth.

Translator notes:

  1. Carry jade and gold but do not have the bearing of jade: This is a mockery about those who dress up to look like nobles but do not have the training/etiquette/bearing to be a match for their clothes.
  2. Commandant of justice: He is a minister of the 5th rank which is why he is in red. If you remember, Xiao Song is a 4th ranking minister so he is above him in station. He assists the Deputy Head judge of the Court of Judicial review in his tasks.
  3. This was an excerpt from the classic the Shuowen Jiezi (roughly means explaining graphs and analyzing characters ) written by Xu Shen a scholar from the Han dynasty (25-189 CE) where he describes the five virtues associated with jade which are honor, morality, intelligence, courage and purity.
  4. The streams flow over overlapping stones the woods dense with bamboo: I believe this a description of the engravings of the jade screen.
  5. Lü Zhi: Well known for being one of the most evil women in chinese history. However there has been some controversy about her. She was the wife of Emperor Gaozu of Han (the emperor who established the Han dynasty) and then ruled as regent for her son and her young grandson when they became Emperor. First she lived in an era dominated by men and then during her reign as acting Emperor she deposed of many of her grandson’s and installed a lot of her kinsmen and rumored lovers in important government posts. However you must remember that history was written by men and many of the male ministers had feared her during her years as regent and acting emperor so there have been some debate amongst modern historians about  how many of the crimes she has been accused of were actually true or if they were simply exaggerated and how many of her achievements were downplayed. On the other hand some historians like Sima Qian did praise her for her political achievements and that she was key to helping her husband establish the Han Empire and run it so well as mentioned in the drama. In fact some argue that she was the one who set up the system that helped the Han dynasty reach the peak of it’s power shortly after her death. She had also suffered a great deal when Emperor Gaozhu was busy establishing his empire (including being abandoned by him when she was captured by his enemies). After great effort she finally managed to return but by then he already had his favorite concubine Consort Qi by his side. However the thing that she is most known for was creating this thing called the “human swine”. After returning and becoming Empress of Han she began consolidating power for both herself and her son. However Consort Qi was unsatisfied with being simply a consort and wanted her son to be the Crown Prince and herself to be Empress. Lü Zhi and her son was almost disposed of until she managed to get the support of most famous four reclusive wise men from Mt Hao. This became a thorn in Lü Zhi’s mind and after Emperor Gaozhu’s death she began to exact revenge. First she got Consort Qi to shave her head, dressed her up in prison garb and then mill the rice instead of giving her the title Princess Dowager which was customary. Consort Qi was furious with this treatment and not realizing how precarious her situation was, complained ” My son is a prince but as his mother I am a prisoner, save me from this suffering!” This was the last straw as Lü Zhi felt that Consort Qi was trying to tell her son to overthrow her and so she summoned Consort Qi’s son back from his fief and killed him. Then she cut off Consort Qi’s limbs, dug out the eyes and deafened her ears with poison, forced poison down her throat to mute her and then threw her in the latrine and kept her there until she died. She then showed her creation which she named the human swine to her son who was horrified and relinquished his authority and indulged in carnal pleasures.

Ep 20

Ep 21

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  1. Xiao Ren Yu is such a masochist. He’s the sweetest to Ran Yan and then he’s the most hateful person when Ran Yan doesn’t do what he wants…OMG!! My hero is back!!! Wow! Such a turn of events!! I still ship Ran Yan with Su Fu.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It may have been adressed in previous episodes but i have no recollections of it: who exactly is the empereor? I am not knowledgeable enough about Tang dynasty to figure it out
    And I must really thank you for your translations, even if a lot of people are doing it already, this is incredible work and deserve full recognition! ❤


      1. My question was so badly formulated, I’m sorry English isn’t my 1st language, I meant which emperor is he in history? But from the next episodes I guess he is the 2nd emperor from Tang dynasty? Anyway thank you for answering!


  3. It would be great if you could preannounce each time the date and time when you would be able to upload the next episode with English subtitles… Thank you…


    1. Hi Golda, I realize that there are pirate sites floating around who steal my work and upload it as their own so I like to go with some spontaneity to try and get more episodes up before they do. Therefore I never announce what days I upload. I can only say that I upload at least once a week for this drama. You can subscribe to my website which will automatically notify you once an episode is uploaded


      1. The suspense is killing me… I’m refreshing the page every half hour to check if new episodes have come up…. Thanks anyway… You are doing a wonderful job… Thankyou for providing not only subtitles but also explanations….


    1. It’s a title given to Xiao Song and the Ministry of department. Ghost in this instance means the bad people/evil doers in Chang’an (the city) so the underlying meaning to it it’s a place even the bad people in Chang’an fear.


  4. In beginning part of episode 20 Why does Wan Lv say ‘ if you are Xiao Song’s wife won’t he dote on you even more’… Isn’t Ran Yan already his wife…??…


  5. tysm PP… i appreciate your effort with the subs….im so much engrossed with this cdrama that i look forward to your posts…
    it seems like most of us enjoy and take delight with this series..


  6. Thank you so much for the subs PP! Oh my ….this Miss Truth took out all the oft used Romance Drama troops like the back ride and still manage to pull it off. That was sooo adorable. Fish is a cross between Mr Darcy and Sherlock Holmes. Their cat and mouse romance is so engaging. Will, they won’t they? I see a slight thawing of Fox heart towards her Fish, although I suspect Fish methods may not be conventional to some…(more cheeky monkey then hero to the rescue) but that what makes it so appealing. I am so surprised this drama has not caught on yet.
    Sorry, may I asked what was the document Fish left for Fox after he brought her home? Why do you think Fox didn’t want him to declare their marriage?


    1. A contract for the engagement of her services as coroner/medical examiner.

      I don’t think she’s certain of her own feelings for Fish/Xiao Song at this stage even if she did decide to go to Chang’an because of him. Plus SF is hanging around confusing things for her. I think he (XS) knows it too that’s why he dragged her around in chains.


      1. Thank you for the clarification. I at first thought that it was their marriage license and XS telling YR that it’s still valid. However, it being the contract as Medical Examiner makes better sense. XS obviously loves her at this point, but also appreciate her talent. He probably figured the best way to trap a Fox is to keep her interested and busy. The episode also highlights how hard XS works. Following him for a day completely exhausted YR. After that, XS still has work to complete after sending her home. This is a very well written character.


    1. It’s really not about “alter ego” or anything but rather she seems to be suffering from schizophrenia.

      Thanks PP for the subs! Keep it up!! Look forward for more!!!



  7. Thank you so much for the new and super fast subs. I love your notes as well. They provide important insight .
    This is basically the only drama I’m following right now so whenever i see an update i feel like dancing ^ ^.
    Ran Yan and Xiao Song are just the best


  8. Thank you so much again. Loved the added information about Lu Zhi. Looking up additional information on Wiki about that period of time. Obviously “Sheltered In Place” with nowhere to go. Will wait patiently for the next episodes — laughed so hard when he locked up and walked around with her like a “pet”. I guess I call that sick love. Thanks Thankis and more Thanks.


  9. Thanks so much!! I got home from delivering water to a friend and I just had a feeling this would be here today.. I was so happy.. I appreciate you so much.. However, I am getting irritated with Xiao fish!! I am surprised she buckles so easily under his threats and blackmail … She seems like a personality that wouldn’t be forced easily.


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