[Eng] Miss Truth Ep 26 & 27

Synopsis: Set in the Tang Dynasty, Ran Yu is a noblewoman who becomes interested in forensic science after her Mother’s mysterious suicide and begins to solve murder cases. She meets a judicial official and an assassin by chance and finds true love through the course of searching for the truth.

NB: Get your tissues ready, this part is probably the saddest part of the drama no matter who you support

Translator notes:

  1. Wooden Fish: Otherwise known as a chinese temple block. This is an instrument that Buddhist monks use when reciting sutras/mantras or other Buddhists texts.
  2. Calculation of 9 steps: This is a type of chinese mathematical riddle using 9 squares to solve problems. The main topic is in the centre and usually cannot be moved. It’s believed to be an early version of sudoku. Mentioned in the I Ching a chinese book about divination and feng shui. One example this method was employed was to use it to factor in weather, transport networks, depth of the river to work out how to prevent flooding etc.
  3. Did not teach her well: The chinese at the time the drama was set strictly abided the 3 cardinal guides. This was the ruler guides his subject, the father guides his son and the husband guides his wife. That is why if the wife commits a mistake, the husband can be punished as well for not guiding/teaching her well.
  4. A truly good strategy…effortless to carry out: from the book Guiguzi a book about political strategy, lobbying, discourse and chinese philosophy. It’s translated in english and I personally find it a quite interesting book. If you run a business or you’re a lobbyist I would recommend checking it out as you can probably apply some of the concepts within it.
  5. Yin writing: According to the book Six secret teachings, this was an early example of military code used to pass on messages confidentially to the receiver and difficult to decode.
  6. East wind: Another word for a catalytic/trigger event.

Ep 26

Ep 27

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  1. I want to say thank you so much for subbing this drama. I wish it was not cut short and the team would give us the original 40 episodes. However, it is such a typical Chinese drama world if the show does not get cut down and choppy editing. I enjoy the relationship between our fox and fish. I was always on that couple train since the beginning. It took me a while to watch episode 27 because I can’t deal with heartbreaks lol.

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  2. Thank you for the subs and your hard work…. Every woman around Xiao Fish turned out to be a traitor and working for someone. No wonder he has trust issues. They could’ve done better job with the editing, I agree with everyone else.


  3. tysm PP..

    so now.. they’re officially divorced…
    just when RY declined SF (under the rain)..

    A-A… my bleeding heart..!!

    and the quarantine doesn’t help…


  4. Ahh, yes I remembered. End of eps 26 is a very romantic scene, XS even kissed RY’s neck and she let him. It would have been completed if they have their love confirmation in this scene, but nope, they won’t show us RY’s love confession.. sigh-

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  5. Thanks so much for the translations! I miss this show when I can’t watch it. I found ep. 27 sad but very odd. It was put together either in a very poor manner or purposely opague. She is being scolded by Xiao fish for betraying him. Next time she SKIPS to him happily and gets caned. The skipping to him is what didn’t make sense, not in her character, and not what I think would happen after they both were so upset after the choice she supposedly made. In fact the first 2/3 or more of the ep. felt disjointed , like they had cut pieces out of a couple eps. down to one to condense it. Still, I enjoyed it.. I just can’t be completely convinced it wasn’t some long con. Who knows, this show is different and I am so happy you are doing this for us. Thanks again.

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    1. Ya I agree..choppy editing. As a character, RY has been shown to do mischievous run (not skips). Maybe she wanted to tell him the happy news that she finally realised that she loved him and maybe there is a long con also here that she wanted to reveal to him?


    2. Ok I was not alone in thinking that thank you, ep 27 was so confusing, even know i’m not sure I understood everything that happened…. (if someone felt like re-explaining it to me i wouldn’t mind!) This is such a shame because it will inevitably lowers the drama score..
      But Su Fu is the more puzzling to me, I reaaly don’t know what he expects of Ran Yan anymore


      1. Yes ep 27 is a little confusing I assume it’s because they had to cut some crucial scenes out because it was originally supposed to be a 40 ep drama but I can’t find those scene. There’s some explanation of it later on. Just keep in mind that RY is up to something, that’s all I can say without spoiling it

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    1. There was a scene that was cut out I believe the last time they drank together. According to netizens it was the scene (I think it’s ep 6) where he made her cut the pork belly with the different weapons and then Uncle Wu ran off in a fright when she snatched the wine flask.

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      1. Thank you so much for picking up yhis drama and subbing it so far! I’m so excited for the next episodes especially since it seems like she’s finally understood her feelings.


  6. Thank you PP!!!
    Everyone is shipping SF/RY but my heart is bleeding for SC!!! OMG SC’s love is so sincere! But don’t get me wrong, I’m so in love with XS and RY it’s hurting right now… I’m just glad that SX never loved his 2nd wife so RY is his first and only one love…


  7. Heartwrenching to watch this complicated Fish and Fox relationship and the troubles they face individually and together, Writer is doing a good job keeping us alert to the solution to so many mysteries I am literally watching to find references to “translation notes”. Thanks again (especially the notes).

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  8. Finally we have a recap of all the time XS says he cares for RY. Oh RY, you knew SF set you up however you fall for it yet again. Im surprised at how many parties do not want this duo crime fighting team together. These 2 episodes have such a roller coaster ride for Fish and Fox shipster. The fact that RY got so jeolous and almost foiled XS plan with her threats to the tavern gals. XS was so pleased…oh bless his cute adorable smirk….only to have the table turn on him on the next episode. Brilliant series. Enjoying it so much. Equally heart breaking is the brother-zoning of San Cheng. Need to probably rewatch the last episode again. So XS deceased second wife…the one Fox was always jealous off turns out to be a spy?? Working for what?
    Thank you so much PP. Thank you.

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  9. THe ending of episode 26 was just so beautiful. Both episodes were just a roller coaster of emotions. My heart haha 😭 my poor ran yan. Can’t wait for the new episodes to come out.


  10. The mystery deepens. Im stumped so far but there was clearly something up with that princess and her guard….the crown prince is an idiot.. clueless to things around him. Is the princess really interested in su fu? Or is that part of her game? Awaiting the next piece of the puzzle. Oh xoes anyone have any guesses yet about the veiled woman who controls su fu?


  11. What’s the title of the Guiguzi book you recommend? I am interested in purposing it and reading it myself, the concepts sounds intriguing to me too!
    Thanks PP,


    1. The book is called Guiguzi (鬼谷子) I think there’s also a version called Guiguzi: China’s first Treatise and Rhetoric by Hui Wu which also has a commentary about the the contents of the book as well. You might be able to find a cheaper copy on eBay or borrow it from a big library. The Amazon version is so expensive😱


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