[Eng] Miss Truth Ep 28 & 29

Synopsis: Set in the Tang Dynasty, Ran Yu is a noblewoman who becomes interested in forensic science after her Mother’s mysterious suicide and begins to solve murder cases. She meets a judicial official and an assassin by chance and finds true love through the course of searching for the truth.

Translator notes:

  1. The buds of the plum blossom…Love has moved away what could be left: Poem by Jiang Zong called poem of resentment. It’s about a woman who has fallen out of favor from the Emperor who has moved on to love another woman (women).
  2. Should be as long as that bamboo stick….fishtail: This is two lines from the poem mentioned before (in ep 15) White haired lament. These two lines are saying love should be as long as a bamboo stick and should be as adorable as fish. It’s quite obvious that the name of her shop is related to Xiao fish
  3. The weather grows cold….hangs by the riverside: This is another poem by Jiang Zong called Valentine. Again it talks about being abandoned by a lover on the chinese valentine’s day (7th day of the 7th month).
  4. The fan used…. surpass the sorrow I feel now: Final part of the poem of resentment by Jiang Zong
  5. Slap your mouth: Done when someone says something ominous during a spell of bad luck. Kind of a way to ward off bad luck.

Ep 28

Ep 29


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  1. I LOVE your efforts in providing English captions! But unfortunately, the links have been showing “page not found” for Dailymotion for the past three days…


    1. yes…me too…
      they’re not as good …

      but why XS is so harsh/spiteful towards RY now …
      and how she cried when she saw him with the other woman…


      1. Yes, and I noticed you’re releasing two set of double episodes per week, right? So that meant about 2 more weeks left !!!! Xox


  2. I agree with people who note these episodes are a step backwards in behavior. It is still very tense (i like her cousin and want him found safe). And i wish xs was played by a better looking actor sigh…but this is still one of the better dramas out right now.


  3. Thanks PP for the subbs. Been waiting for this for a long time. I agree that these last 2 episodes is not as developed as previous ones. Maybe its cos XS is mostly in the periphery of the story. When the investigative duo changed from RY/XS to RY/SF you can see the difference in the chemistry. XS still have Fox in his heart and he cant help it. I hope the angst will not last too long cos I need me some loving between my 2 fave couple. Thank you also PP for the added notes which helps in understanding of Chienese literature and art.


  4. Thanks so much!! I will be sad when this is over.. I have found the last 4 eps a little uneven. Also her character more childish.. and drama introduced for sensationalism.. it feels like a different writer.. but perhaps it’s just me. Still, I am happy to watch.. I feel as though there will never be a moment where fox and fish totally confess to each other and communicate misunderstandings. I feel they will end up together, but it won’t be as gratifying as I personally like, haha


    1. Yeah I know right! I bet you 100% that it’s going to be that type of drama where all misunderstands between the two leads build up and no resolution or kisses until RIGHT THE VERY END of the whole drama series LOL


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