[Eng] Miss Truth Ep 34 & 35

Synopsis: Set in the Tang Dynasty, Ran Yu is a noblewoman who becomes interested in forensic science after her Mother’s mysterious suicide and begins to solve murder cases. She meets a judicial official and an assassin by chance and finds true love through the course of searching for the truth.

Translator notes:

  1. Kowtowing in front of the Emperor: Often to show your sincerity or if you need to beg a favor from the Emperor or ask the Emperor to spare you, you would have to knock your head against the floor so loudly it makes a noise. However it is known that there are a few tiles that have a hollow space below it in front of the throne and you would not need to strike your head so forcefully to produce a sound but only the Eunuchs and the Emperor knows which is why it’s best to keep a good relationship with the eunuchs closest to the Emperor.
  2. White phosphate powder: This is something that is one of the key ingredients in modern munitions because of it’s flammable properties and the fact it can produce extensive and serious burns.

Ep 34


Ep 35



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  1. I have a question, which I’m not sure if I missed something or if it’s just a plot hole… this is my 2nd time watching the series, and I still can’t figure it out:

    What’s the deal with RY stealing & returning the pearl? Presumably, she needed the real pearl to keep SF alive. After she hands off the “pearl” to the vendor at the market, we see SF getting word that they’re checking to see if it’s the real pearl.

    Then, we can assume they realize it’s not the real pearl because they’re trying to put out the word that they have the pearl to bait people. So why did Lady DY keep SF alive even after RY didn’t hold up her end of the bargain? I could see that maybe she didn’t actually intend to kill him and it actually was all an act, but wouldn’t she confront RY about giving her a fake, and try to get the real one out of her?

    The main thing that confuses me is, if RY was just going to give a fake pearl anyway, why did she need to steal the real one? I was thinking maybe RY thought if they were watching XS, they would see he was upset about the missing pearl and believe it was the real one. But that doesn’t seem to have happened. So what was the point of stealing it?

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    1. SF is in cohorts with Lady DY anyway, about him being captured was all just an act because he only betrays her right until the end when RY’s life was threatened. Yeah I am not sure either, because the editing of that part was really choppy, it feels as if an entire episode or two were cut out.
      From what I figure from watching the last episode, it seems that it’s really hard to figure out which one was the real and which one was the fake, so maybe she did it to delay time to hopefully figure out a plan on what to do? Or maybe she arranged for someone to pretend to steal it and it was seen by Lady DY’s people? Something seems to have happened because Lady DY and her cronies set RY up or maybe she was pretending to work for them anyway it ended up that XS was forced to divorce her but they didn’t give enough detail to explain why RY had that note on her or was passing that note, I know XS explained it but he looks as if he didn’t know what had happened.
      Also the second half of the drama (after ep 17) was when they diverged from the actual novel so I don’t really know because this didn’t happen in the actual book. Anyway they are just theories so unless they release the uncut version we’ll never know what it is. But leaving it like that meant there was a big plot hole

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      1. Thank you! Sometimes things move so fast in this show that I’m not sure if I missed something, but I guess I didn’t. Appreciate your work on this, it gave me so much more context to understand it with your subs!


  2. Thank you for the subs.
    I see why people want to get rid of the Emperor, so fickle with no independent thinking. On the other hand….easy to manipulate and influence. Weak though.


  3. These 2 episodes did not disappoint me at all. yes there are some minor bad played out scenes but overall I like it. I like how the drama stay as a crime investigation genre from the beginning until end unlike some dramas. I also like how they feed us a little more love interaction between the lead. I guess to make up for all the bickering in the beginning. which I totally don’t mind either. In fact it was actually Funny and cute to me. At this point I have lost count of XS back hug for RY ? It’s actually really sweet. Even though we don’t get a couple of kiss scenes and only one in the end, but back hugs will do. Everytime he hugs her it’s just so cute. Also in the last 2 hugs I like how he sniffed her head like he really loves her.

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  4. Awwww…we left with only one episode. Thank you PP for the sub, can’t wait for the finale. It has been a lovely ride. Despite the choppy editing in the last few episodes this drama have enough chemistry between Fox and Fish to carry it through. Now we know that the fireworks are actually acts of love by XS….yeah..who needs diamonds when you can have them on the skies? Well played by XS.
    I’m sad her Master had to die especially in the hand of her stepsister. That is such an unforgivable act….and that bitch has the gall to then play the victim. Well in your next life hope you come back as a butthole.
    I particularly like the sigh and straightening of the shoulder by XS before he had to lie to RY in the jail, in order to get her safely away. Also, like the part that RY did not fall for it and was trying to figure it out while she is in her cell.
    A lot of stuff to resolve with only one episode.
    Ya…the Emperor is a bit of a pathetic creature unless it’s all an act. Cos’s obvious that XS can walk in and out of prison with impunity….well that’s until he was caught by SF. Which brings us to SF, well this character is proof that not all handsome, sullen, and quiet lead actually have good thoughts when they are quiet. Lol!
    So next I may try Under the Power? Almost the same premise? Any other recommendations?

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    1. You can also try the drama Love is all which is airing now. It’s another drama where the FL has an unconventional profession this time as a civil servant and author/storyteller and assisting the ML in his government post. That one should be more fluffier and sweeter compared to this one and there’s no love triangle. It’s being subbed quite quickly on Viki and also subbed on YT too.

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      1. Dear pp
        If you happen to have time would you mind subbing ‘Women in Shanghai’ atleast from episode 9 (That’s when Toby Lee first appears in the drama)… It came out in 2018 but so far I can’t find any episodes with English subtitles online… Or maybe just point out where the subtitles may be available….

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    2. yes….
      im happy they’re back….my otp…

      im sad…i wont see xs again ..
      is there a new project for toby lee?

      tyvm pp…i so much appreciate you…
      i am into costume chinese drama mix with xianxia/wuxia…😉
      please recommend one too..

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    3. Under the Power is really great! A lot of common points with Miss Truth (the most glaring one being the heroines love for money haha), but it had the advantage of having a respectable budget, so no choppy editing! And the women in this drama were absolutely amazing, a lot of feminine frienship, no bitchy backstabbing either, which is a personal pet peeve of mine tbh


  5. Thank you it’s nice to wake up with the latest subs.i love this series.it will soon end and having a hard time adjusting to it.


  6. Thank you so much PP!
    Finally XS and RY are back together and team up again!!!
    I’m not ready for the last episode and let them go…


  7. Thank you so much for the english subtitle. I’m so happy to watch this kind of historical Chinese drama series. 🌹❤️


  8. Not sure i can survive the tension. But love seeing a warmly affectionate fox and fish. The poison is affecting su yu’s character, notice? Hes turning bad.


  9. thanks so much!! I have just watched ep. 34 and I have to say that emperor is so capricious! I can’t believe how he will turn on his right hand man because someone points a finger at him!? It’s unfathomable, no proof? No investigation? When he sees how many odd things are happening? Also, I grew tired of Xiao fish kicking the puppy away for it’s own good many episodes ago, and tired of the puppy just taking it. I get she doesn’t , but the fact she always stands there and cries just irks me. haha… I guess it’s just not me. thanks again, and I am off to watch ep 35. So much fun!!


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