[Eng] Miss truth Ep 36 + BTS

Synopsis: Set in the Tang Dynasty, Ran Yu is a noblewoman who becomes interested in forensic science after her Mother’s mysterious suicide and begins to solve murder cases. She meets a judicial official and an assassin by chance and finds true love through the course of searching for the truth.

Ep 36 (End)


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BTS videos

Please refrain from watching these until after you’ve seen ep 36 as one of them has spoilers!

OST (full playlist)


  1. I moved here from Love and Redemption and what a pleasant surprise, I got my fix. What a gem!
    I realized this must be a low budget drama (the rich Tang court is furnished almost empty here) but it made up for its well-written characters and unexpected plots. It went to the heart of irresistible banters between Fish and Fox.  Thank goodness it did not have the usual tropes in most of the dramas. It was a real treat to see our FL with her hair down, her real hair, black, silky, and long. Glad that they did not skimp on costumes and no pastel color schemes. It was also refreshing to see that the 2nd ML on par with our main ML in terms of physique, ability, and dedication (more tragic so). So you felt how it was to be torn between them just like our FL. Both are gorgeous, but I wanted Fish, personally, for myself. Hahaha. Love the OST. This viewing experience was greatly enhanced by PP’s sub and those voluminous notes, educating us at the same time.  Thank you very much Productive Procrastination, your efforts and time are much appreciated. I welcome recommendations on those hidden gems like this one. 


  2. Hi there,
    Thanks a ton for your continual hardwork and dedication in bringing these dramas plus background infos to a wider audience. It is sincerely appreciated. 🙂
    Also, am not sure if this is where requests can be posted :)…however, if possible for future translation, could “Mystery of Antiques – I” perhaps be considered, please?
    Keep up the good work (it brings infinite joy to many!) and take care,
    Best wishes

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  3. Thanks for your hardwork and dedication in translating this interesting drama. Love your explanation at the begining of each episode. I started on the written novel but it is a pity the book is being translated very slowly.

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  4. Thank you so much for subbing this! I’m incredibly picky about my dramas and rarely watch one all the way through as I did with this one. It’s hard to say goodbye to our OTP here, but I’m glad to see that it’s a happy one with enough of an opening to do a 2nd season. The drama is by far, better than some other ones out there, and I get the feeling that it’s not nearly as popular as it should be given the quality of the acting and storyline. There were weak points as well (some of the special effects gets gimicky at certain points, ah budget), but none that completely deterred me from watching it (hence the reason why for the last two years, the only Chinese drama I finished was this and Minglan…yeah I’m picky). Li Cheng Bin is awesome, and I hope to see him in more leading roles in the future. Actually, I found the entire cast pretty solid and well cast in their roles as well. I wish/hope the ratings were good enough to merit a 2nd season because there’s obviously enough material on it that didn’t get worked into the 36 episodes from the original novel.

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  5. Thanks so much for subbing this drama!

    Ah, what a great story! And I echo many thoughts here that it had a just enough of mystery, drama, romance, bromance, sibling rivalry, and family issues to keep you engaged, unlike many other dramas where one gets burned by episode 6. No need to FF for this (as I have a habit of doing) so kudos to the production crew, the screenwriters, and great cast.

    Your notes really help put the drama into context that I was missing, and I appreciate all the effort that went into it. When I was live watching this, I was relying on my beginner’s level of Mandarin and had to watch so many times trying to get most of the story (not complaining). When comparing my impression against your subbed version, I really need to begin the next set of lessons.

    Thanks again, and look forward to your next project!

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  6. Thank you so much for subbing this drama (what seemed to be) night and day just to get it posted for us! I definitely was NOT expecting that ending! Ahh, how much longer can Su Fu survive? He doesn’t even have the antidote…

    Also let’s all take a moment to appreciate what a BOSS Sang Chen was throughout this whole drama. He didn’t ask that RY love him in return (unlike a certain SF, cough cough) but unselfishly assisted her throughout this series. To be close to her was reward enough, even if he had to be friend-zoned. Ahh, the things he did for love. Such a champ.

    I will agree with everyone else that this ending leaves much to be desired, since XS and RY are not legally allowed to meet. Kind of puts a damper on a marriage lol. I will pretend that everything turned out hunky-dory until they announce a season two. If they ever do…

    I also want to commend your subbing skills. I have begun the long trek of learning Chinese (yes, this is what inspired me) and they don’t have nearly as many filler words as English, which makes translating it that much harder. (At least I would think it would, since so much would depend on context.) I don’t know how long you’ve been subbing dramas, but you are very talented. Once again, thank you!

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  7. Thank you for your hard work. I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into this. I am so happy I came across your site for Miss truth subs. I hope there is a season 2 but I am not sure how it did ratings wise so that might play a role in a renewal. The chemistry between the two leads was great! Although yes, the editing could have been better. Sometimes why the leads behaved in a certain manner to each other was not explained to the other party (even if the audience knew the reason) and then in the next scene they were okay with each other. lol.
    Hope to come back to your channel for more awesome shows.

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  8. I am truly grateful for your subbing and adding additional information to make this drama watching a richer experience. The drama was good (although editing needed to be a little better) but the actors and actresses did a great job and I anxiously would wait for each new episode. Your efforts are truly appreciated. Thanks again. My mother’s day gift.

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  9. Thanks so much for all your hard work, I enjoyed this drama a great deal. Finally, a kiss, I thought they wouldn’t , and sorry, but I need a kissing scene when there is supposed to be this great love. I was surprised by that ending with Su Fu!! I guess if there is a season 2 I will be happy, but the reason is because right now Fox and Xiao fish are together illegally under threat of death if they’re together, and that’s not a good ending. I appreciate this gift you gave:)

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  10. Thank you so much for subbing this drama! I really loved it! I’m expecting a second season and reading the books – at least the chapters that are translated-. This drama really got my attention, because it has a nice balance of romance, mystery and detective.

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  11. Thank you again for providing English sub for this wonderful drama. Love it very much and hoping for 2nd season as well. Much appreciate all your work.

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  12. Miss Truth was awesome, and also Productive Procrastination site was always the first to provide the english sub-title…. Keep it up. Until next the next case.

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  13. thanks PP! so that was the alternate endiing. i only saw the one where it ended with the kiss. if there’s gonna be a season 2, I hope it’s the same actors but im fine with only this one since im satisfied with the ending 🙂

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  14. thanks for the eng subs…………….. hope that you can also provide subs for the new drama, intense love. But anyway, Miss Truth was awesome, and also productive procrastination site was always the first to provide the subs…. thank u

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  15. Thank You! I really enjoyed this drama. Good plot and good script (first rated translation for us int. viewers). Drama is not too short nor too lengthy.
    I will check-in to see more of your future selections. Take care and hope that you, your family are in good health.

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  16. May i ask for your subtitle files for personal use? I dl’d the raws in HD but can’t find subs anywhere. I believe you’re the only one subbing this drama.

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  17. Thank you PP for the subs for Miss Truth! I’m sooo grateful! Love it and even more with your explanations otherwise I would have missed a lot.
    The novel is very different but someone could tell me if it’s similar in the novel about the Emperor’s edict forbidding XS and RY to see each other again? If so, how did they overcome it? Because in the drama it doesn’t seem to be a real happy ending if they will be caned until death!!!!!

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  18. Thanks PP for subbing Miss Truth. I enjoyed watching the two leads very much and also the BTS videos, thanks. Hopefully for season 2 (if any) they will have better budget lol.

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  19. Wow! It’s here already! Thank you so much for subbing this drama. I have enjoyed watching it very much. All your efforts are appreciated. Thanks for the BTS videos too. What a bonus!

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    1. Quite the unexpected ending. Now i want to read the book! I’ll donate a littke and hope others do too. If you are open to blatant bribery, id love to see legend of the heavenly pearl/phoenix warriors subbed.

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  20. Not gonna lie, I replayed the ending scene plenty of time. It was just so adorable and man oh man…. that kiss is HOT. Also loved the homage to the first time they saw each other where she had similar sort of run towards him. The cinematography was on point here.
    Thank you, PP for the sub and also the BTS videos. The jealous scene was so cute. This was such an enjoyable experience, Miss Truth is definitely a diamond in the rough. It just has the right amount of drama, romance, comedy, suspense, friendships, and is not pretentious. I probably will revisit some of the cute scenes, mainly involving back hugs by Fish to Fox.
    So the ending….will there be a second season? Will it start with some severe canning sessions for our two main leads? I hope not…I just wanna see more sweetness, between these two, please.
    I have just finished Under the Power. Also extremely good.

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  21. Dear pp
    If you happen to have time would you mind subbing ‘Women in Shanghai’ atleast from episode 9 (That’s when Toby Lee first appears in the drama)… It came out in 2018 but so far I can’t find any episodes with English subtitles online… Or maybe just point out where the subtitles may be available….

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  22. Thanks so much for your subbing of this really enjoyable and underrated drama. Also for your subbing of other dramas such as the chef dramas. Highly appreciated!

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