[Eng] Love in Between Ep 2

Synopsis: Zuo Qing Ci is the son of the Marquis of Jing An who hides his true identity whilst he travels as a poor wandering physician. Whilst searching for the stolen Shanhe map (mountain river painting), he meets a thief called Fei Kou’er who too has concealed her true identity in order to find the medicinal herbs to save her Master. During their search they are dragged into a conspiracy which leads them to discover a secret 10 years ago. Whilst shouldering their duty to protect the kingdom and uphold justice they fall in love however this may just be the start of tragedy…..


  1. Chi Yan Sha: Decided to translate it as Chi Yan desert as “Sha” means sand so will be referring the people that live there the Chi Yan tribe.
  2. Clock square: The massive structure at the centre is an ancient chinese time piece to measure the time through the measurement of the water level left in the buckets ( as we know the speed of the water)
  3. Taels: Unless I state, it would be taels of silver. A tael is a measurement of weight about 37.5g of today’s measurements.



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