[Eng] Love is Fate Ep 42 END

Synopsis: Thirty years ago, Ma Dong Shan, Han De Chang and Song Tian Ming set up the JR hotel together. But 30 years later, Ma Dong Shan is gravely ill, Han De Chang was long dead and Song Tian Ming’s son is missing. So, when the Chairman of JR hotel Ma Dong Shan falls ill, he calls his daughter Ma Ke Ai (Zheng He Hui Zi) from abroad and makes her the chairman of the hotel and manage the hotel on his behalf. Meanwhile, gets into an accident, when she is told that her boyfriend (Kong Shu Han) has “died” and from it gains the ability to see the future and other people’s feelings through physical touch.

Wanting to find out the answers to her father’s neglect and the person who wishes to harm him, she decides to go through with his wishes, however after going through a series of events, she realizes there may be a bigger secret to this. Together with Xia Yu Xing (Zhang Bing Bing), she overcomes all hardship and finds true love in the process.



  1. Thank you for making this drama with Eng sub. It was such a long drama, it must have been very tiring. But because of that I enjoyed watching it. Actors, directors, everyone worked very hard to make this drama, but it could be shorter episodes with better twist. Her amnesia wasn’t really necessary. I wonder why director refused to make this couple a happy one sooner. Director just wanted to delay and delay to make it happen. Anyway, because it was ZBB the main lead, I watched it until the end. And he is always a wonderful actor. DOMO ARIGATO


  2. First, Thank you so much to the subbing team for all your hard work in bringing us this drama! I know it was a labor of love.
    We finally reach the last episode. What a ride! Logic was out the window (YX, you know KA has a life threatening tumor that needs immediate surgery but you don’t just take her to the hospital right away?smh) But we got a Happy Ending! (Thank Goodness) Overall, an interesting watch but drama was way too long at 42 episodes- really should have been 20 eps. For everyone that made it to the end, kudos!
    I’ll look forward to the next drama!


    1. The subber must be shaking his/her head while subbing this on how idiotic the storyline is… the doctor just randomly throwing vow of confidentiality, what the heck is that video of xia yuxing for, why not call the policw because that’s illegal detention, where is her rich father? How are they back in that hut that was supposed to be in China? That 1930’s dog-licked hairdo… This is an absolute waist of Zhang Binbin… Jaywalk must not really like him… who the heck does his makeup? And really still.not buying this female lead. .. This overall cringeworthy and I am very much grateful to the subber for making it here… myself included… bring me back Director Song please…


      1. I agree, the makeup is atrocious it’s like he has a monobrow, glad I’m not the only one thinking about that. And yes Director Song is one of my favorite characters, it would have been much nicer if they spent the last few eps just focusing on Director Song and Zhang Binbin. The amnesia was just so strange


        1. Agree with everyone else ZBB makeup job is bad in this drama. And, yes, why did they have to do a last minute amnesia trope? So stupid.


      1. Thanks to you and the rest of the team for committing to this drama through to the end. I feel like everyone who worked on or watched this drama deserves a high five-we made it! 😉


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