[Eng] Beauty Private Kitchen Ep 10

Synopsis: Song Yu Die (Zheng Shuang) is a renowned chef in Hangzhou city with a mysterious identity. She grew up learning how to cook from her adopted mother who is also a brilliant chef and the owner of the famous restaurant Tianxiang restaurant. Her sweetheart Li Ma (Ray Ma) is the adopted son of her mother and she knows that they will marry when they grow up. However things change when she encounters Prince Zhao Yuan Qing and Li Ma heads off to the battlefield to build a career for himself. Meanwhile beneath the prosperity, a threat lurks in the background and together with Li Ma, Zhao Yuan Qing she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save it…..

  1. The 3 feet long carp from the Yangtze river….it’s head and returned to become a mortal fish: This was a poem about the legend of how the common carp got a mark on it’s head. In the past, before the gate to become a dragon had not closed, a group of carps gathered up to try their luck however only one of them succeeded but it had to suffer the pain of having it’s tail burned off in order to do so. It is a poem of not being able to achieve something or not having someone who appreciates one’s talents. (perhaps also a reflection of what is going on in Zhao Yuan Qing’s mind)
  2. Xi Shi and Diao Chan: Two of the most beautiful women in ancient China
  3. Chinese feet: Chinese feet was a chinese length that changed during the different dynasties. It got longer probably because people started to become taller and in the Song period, 1 foot was probably around 31.68cm


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