Love & the Emperor Ep 1 & 2

Synopsis: Li Xia, an employee in a startup video game company is trapped inside the new virtual otome game that her company has developed after a few bugs prevents her from leaving the virtual world she was transported into. There, she meets the Emperor and the lead male character of the game who has disguised himself as an eunuch to try and escape from the stifling court affairs. After saving her from drowning twice, she and the Emperor strike up a strange and comedic relationship which slowly blossoms to a sweet touching love story.


  1. Jiayou: similar meaning to fighting/ more power
  2. The four maids, Li Chun, Li Xia, Li Qiu and Li Dong are named after the 4 seasons. Chun = spring, Xia= summer, Qiu = autumn and Dong = winter
  3. Flipping the pallets: In the past because of the numerous wives the Emperor had, whenever he needed to choose a bedfellow he would be given a tray of pallets with the name or title of each consort that was available or suitable to take care of his needs and he would flip the pallet of the consort that he wanted to visit that night and his eunuchs would inform that consort to prepare herself for the emperor’s visit that night. This is why many consorts would bribe the Emperor’s Eunuchs so that their pallet will be placed somewhere noticeable or the Eunuch may recommend the emperor to visit the consort who had bribed them during this process.  A fun fact is the Emperor must visit the Empress on the 1st and 15th of each month so he is not supposed to visit other consorts.
  4. Sandbox game: This is a video game element that gives the player a degree of creativity to complete tasks to achieve a certain goal. One example of a sandbox game is SimCity or Grand Theft Auto III
  5. Little brother: Doesn’t mean it’s her biological brother. The chinese like most asian cultures calls people of the opposite sex who they are acquainted with brother or sister.

Ep 1

Ep 2


  1. Hello,
    I like to watch this on my big TV screen. Please advise how I can watch love and redemption on 1080 p quality. I don’t mind paying for the subscription like Viki.


  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to sub this drama. I really appreciate it, and I know how much time it takes to sub every single episodes. Keep Safe and & God Bless!!


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