[Eng] Love and the Emperor Ep 5 & 6

Synopsis: Li Xia, an employee in a startup video game company is trapped inside the new virtual otome game that her company has developed after a few bugs prevents her from leaving the virtual world she was transported into. There, she meets the Emperor and the lead male character of the game who has disguised himself as an eunuch to try and escape from the stifling court affairs. After saving her from drowning twice, she and the Emperor strike up a strange and comedic relationship which slowly blossoms to a sweet touching love story.


  1. When a letter comes…autumn’s moon is boundless: It’s the lyrics of a song in a cantonese opera about a scholar’s love for a prostitute that ends tragically. The next part of the song is my yearning makes time pass so slowly that days feel like years. Although I’m not handsome or have elegant bearing, but I have an open and generous mind and strong arms!
  2. Steamed lamb fetus…Stir fried vegetables: These were lines from a comedic skit
  3. Love fart fart: A spoken with a chinese accent sounds like love in chinese. P spoken with a chinese accent sounds like fart in chinese.
  4. Not your mother but you: When a chinese person changes a statement to a question they usually stick the character “ma” which sound like the character for mother
  5. Junzhu: This is a 2nd ranking princess usually a title given to the daughter of a prince or an honory title the daughter of someone who has contributed to the state.
  6. Zhuangyuan: There are two types of imperial exams, the one to test the candidates to select civil servants with and another to enlist into the military. A Zhuangyuan is the person who came first in the Imperial exam.

Ep 5

Ep 6


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