[Eng] Love and the Emperor Ep 9 & 10

Synopsis: Li Xia, an employee in a startup video game company is trapped inside the new virtual otome game that her company has developed after a few bugs prevents her from leaving the virtual world she was transported into. There, she meets the Emperor and the lead male character of the game who has disguised himself as an eunuch to try and escape from the stifling court affairs. After saving her from drowning twice, she and the Emperor strike up a strange and comedic relationship which slowly blossoms to a sweet touching love story.


  1. According to chinese traditional medicine the kidney, liver are supposed to be the places where blood is made from and where energy is produced so if you’re bleeding you should eat food that will help your kidney and liver make more blood

Ep 9

Ep 10


  1. Sssssssssssssnake!
    Haha there were some really funny moments in these. I replayed quite a few scenes multiple times xD

    Thanks for subbing. I always look forward to this.


  2. thank you so much for your hard work. If you need any help with translations I would be happy to help. I know some chinese and would be happy to share this beautiful drama with others,


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