[Eng] Love and redemption Ep 13

Synopsis: 1000 years ago, the God of war and the Star of Mosha fought against each other during a bitter battle that almost upturned the way of the world. However at the end of it, both had disappeared mysteriously. 1000 years later, their reincarnations are born into the mortal realm. Chu Xuanji was born into the world lacking the ability to understand or receiving information from the 6 senses leaving her clueless to the world and inept. She befriends Yu Sifeng, the most skilled disciple from the Lize palace who falls in love with her despite the consequences that would occur if he falls in love with a woman. Meanwhile, the demonic realm are preparing themselves to revive the star of Mosha in order to overthrow the Heavenly realm once more and soon the events of the past catches up to them….


  1. Mt Xianren: The literal translation of Xiaren is diety so the literal translation of Mt Xianren in english is Mountain of the deity
  2. Qingtuan: This is a green chinese dumpling that is made of glutinous rice flour and mugwort or barley grass (which makes it green). It’s then mixed with red or black bean paste. Now because the cold food festival isn’t celebrated much in China so it’s often eaten during the Qingming or tomb sweeping festival.
  3. Feeling sour: Feeling jealous


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  1. Jealousy mode incoming. Cute but I refuse to keep having cute and not real couples. Small plots where SF is getting stabbed by the curse but heck he agreed to wearing it so let him bear the consequences.


  2. Thank you for your effort T____T couldn’t ask more but may God bless your hardworks. May you be awarded with what you deserved to receive!


  3. Omg…so much juicy action in this episode…thank you so much! Looking forward to how they deal with this fox demon…and Wutong making a comeback (i don’t stan him ok).


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