[Eng] Love and Redemption Ep 15 & 16

Synopsis: 1000 years ago, the God of war and the Star of Mosha fought against each other during a bitter battle that almost upturned the way of the world. However at the end of it, both had disappeared mysteriously. 1000 years later, their reincarnations are born into the mortal realm. Chu Xuanji was born into the world lacking the ability to understand or receiving information from the 6 senses leaving her clueless to the world and inept. She befriends Yu Sifeng, the most skilled disciple from the Lize palace who falls in love with her despite the consequences that would occur if he falls in love with a woman. Meanwhile, the demonic realm are preparing themselves to revive the star of Mosha in order to overthrow the Heavenly realm once more and soon the events of the past catches up to them….


  1. Dijun Bailin: He is one of the Emperors of Heaven (I believe he is the white/Bai Emperor). Dijun means Emperor. Bailin is his name I believe. However I am worried people are going to mix him up with the actual Heavenly Emperor if I called him Emperor,  who appears later in the drama so I’ve left his pinyin title “Dijun” in, I personally think it’ll be rude if his subordinates started calling him by his name so I left it as his title when his subordinates greet him. But XJ and the others who hate him will be calling him Bailin.
  2. Qinglong: In the novel/drama many of the names of the side characters that have an animal form are named after their animal form, so Qinglong is a green dragon, Tengshe is a snake, Zihu is a purple fox, Zhu Que is a vermilion bird.
  3. Drunk dragon call: It’s the name of a wine
  4. Bagua/8 triagrams: These are 8 symbols used in Taoism to represent 8 fundamental principles of reality or interrelated concepts or an 8 shaped object used for things varying from fortune telling, astrology, fengshui, geography, the family etc.
  5. Siming: In chinese myths he is supposed to be the god who arranges the fates of humans.
  6. Taught and influenced the God of war: This info is more of a personal opinion. I like the fact the scriptwriter used the term “调教” which is one of those terms with a double meaning depending on the context. In a good way it means guiding someone, teaching someone but it can be used to suggest brainwashing or condition someone.
  7. Pangu: In chinese mythology, he is supposed to be the first being in the universe, who kept Heaven and Earth separated however in some creation myths he was believed to be the creator of the world.

Ep 15

Ep 16

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  1. my thoughts on ep 15, the plot gets complicated with that nasty tree looking curse mask. I mean XJ can remove it just give it a bloody rest already.
    Hate all the additional clauses – The mask has to be smiling, the lady who removes it must love the guy blah blah blah. so over it plus am glad to see the actors’ face.


  2. Out of all Chinese drama series I’ve ever watched, I’ve never seen such a cute on-screen couple as cute and as lovely as SiFeng and XuanJi!!! In episode 15, the scene of XuanJi kissed SiFeng on his cheek and teased him about his red blushing face is THE cutest scene ever!!! 😍😆

    Thank you so much for subbing this drama in an English 🖒👏


    1. She’s not just uploading it but also subbing it. Other sites are stealing her subs. So you definitely should watch here.


  3. Woahhhh THANK YOU SO MUCH, what a pleasant surprise to wake up to after a long day at work. Bless you 🥺🙏🏽🙏🏽


  4. Thank you! Extremely appreciative of your thorough and swift work. Also really appreciate the additional notes, it’s very helpful in giving more context to the overall story!


    1. I almost forgot to breath because of their sweet moments in ep 15. It was soo beautiful.This touching drama make our days.


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