[Eng]Love and the Emperor Ep 11 & 12

Synopsis: Li Xia, an employee in a startup video game company is trapped inside the new virtual otome game that her company has developed after a few bugs prevents her from leaving the virtual world she was transported into. There, she meets the Emperor and the lead male character of the game who has disguised himself as an eunuch to try and escape from the stifling court affairs. After saving her from drowning twice, she and the Emperor strike up a strange and comedic relationship which slowly blossoms to a sweet touching love story.


  1. How could there be a perfect solution to meet the demands of reality and give her love too: This is the last line from a love poem written by a Tibetan Buddhist monk and as you know Buddhist monks are not allowed to marry so the poem talks about how if he chooses to fall in love, he will betray Buddha, but if he chose Buddha then he will betray love.
  2. Heaven’s son should guard the door to the country, if the country perishes so will he: this is another famous saying that describes the fall of the Ming dynasty, where in desperation, the last emperor of the Ming dynasty moved his capital closer to the borders and then when the mongols invaded the kingdom perished and he was killed too.
  3. Adding wings to the tiger: It’s a saying that describes making something more powerful like making an already powerful tiger able to fly.

Ep 11


Ep 12


  1. Love this drama, it is quite easy to watch and light hearted. I love the food~ It felt like this drama is similar to another time travel drama about a chef who goes back in time. This drama portray food more than the other drama though. Makes me sooo hungry this late at night.

    Thank you for your hard work in subbing. I enjoy reading your notes. Its something I can also used ot apply to real life situation too.

    This drama kind of motivate me to learn how to cook with all those food.


  2. I like this drama but I have a big problem with the female general. She is portrayed as a very emotional/hysterical woman, which I hate, to be honest. :-/


  3. Thanks!!! I love this show so much, Its easy to watch and interesting. I wish they showed more food, but I’m liking the direction the story is going so far. And the MC is so cute!!! I adore her.


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