[Eng] Love and Redemption Ep 21

Synopsis: 1000 years ago, the God of war and the Star of Mosha fought against each other during a bitter battle that almost upturned the way of the world. However at the end of it, both had disappeared mysteriously. 1000 years later, their reincarnations are born into the mortal realm. Chu Xuanji was born into the world lacking the ability to understand or receiving information from the 6 senses leaving her clueless to the world and inept. She befriends Yu Sifeng, the most skilled disciple from the Lize palace who falls in love with her despite the consequences that would occur if he falls in love with a woman. Meanwhile, the demonic realm are preparing themselves to revive the star of Mosha in order to overthrow the Heavenly realm once more and soon the events of the past catches up to them….


  1. Qimen dunjia: This is an ancient form of divination, it can be anything from using astronomy to predict the future, study of the 8 triagrams, using the 5 elements to produce a medicine. In history it was known to be developed for war.
  2. 5 elements: This was an important concept in chinese astrology and medicine. The five elements are fire, water, wood, metal and earth.



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    1. Thank you so much for your hard work . When I was searching for this drama . I found it on dramacool and I saw the subber website on the video . So I came here from ep 2 . I really want to thank you for subbing


  1. Hello I never leave a coment before but I had to thank you so much for your hard work, you don´t know how much I really apreciate that you take your time for translating this Drama, because I wait like months to see it , ever since the trailer was on, and I was thrilled when I found your site, I´m from Mexico so your work means the world to me, and honestly ¡F@CK YOU DRAMACOOL! Because I spent months searching for this drama and I know you were one of the first to translatining if not the first one, so thank you so much


  2. Thank you sooo much for your hardwork. I always look forward for the updates from your site. This always made my day and my stress reliever. Very grateful to you for subbing this drama.


  3. Thank you so much – a really good episode visually. I am sorry your work is stolen. Your hard work should be rewarded. I know some of the Thai-English sites have been so frustrated by the blatant amount of thieves that download their work they have made their sites – private and require paid membership. We appreciate you and I will also watch your subs from your site.


  4. I have NOT shared any my videos with any other site apart from AVV, and have absolutely NO affiliation with dramacool. They are a THIEVING PIRATE site who have simply STOLEN all my hard work and taken all the credit for it. Every time I hear about dramacool I have to go on this rant: PLEASE DO NOT REUPLOAD ANY OF MY VIDEOS OR WORK. That will be much appreciated.

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    1. They are downloading your work faster than we can read our e-mails and go to your site. Without your permission, there should be a way to stop them – probably by joining some of the larger paid organizations (maybe Viki or IQIYI) that have legal departments fighting
      this action.


    2. I’ve been watching Dance of the Pheonix on Drama Cool and noticed DRAMACOOL was using your subs for this show around when you released episode 12 and the first thought that came to mind is how hypocritical they are to call out kissasian for stealing there subs well at the same time stealing yours.


        1. I was close he’s the leader not just a spy . I didn’t see that coming until i noticed they looked alike last episode


  5. Today’s episode was amazing. Seeing Xuanji and Sifeng fight alongside each other was great. So excited for the next episode. Thankyou for updating as usual.


    1. Definently my favorite episode so far, the visual affects where surprisingly awesome. Almost game of thrones like dragon attracts.


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