[Eng] Love and Redemption Ep 25

Synopsis: 1000 years ago, the God of war and the Star of Mosha fought against each other during a bitter battle that almost upturned the way of the world. However at the end of it, both had disappeared mysteriously. 1000 years later, their reincarnations are born into the mortal realm. Chu Xuanji was born into the world lacking the ability to understand or receiving information from the 6 senses leaving her clueless to the world and inept. She befriends Yu Sifeng, the most skilled disciple from the Lize palace who falls in love with her despite the consequences that would occur if he falls in love with a woman. Meanwhile, the demonic realm are preparing themselves to revive the star of Mosha in order to overthrow the Heavenly realm once more and soon the events of the past catches up to them….

Some troubleshooting advice:

  1. I find the best browser to watch this in is Chrome
  2. Clear your cache time to time and close your entire browser after you’ve done so. I find that dailymotion takes up a lot of storage space. You can learn how to do that here: https://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/
  3. Also check that the scripts and add blockers. Flashblock and Noscript often blocks dailymotion videos from playing


  1. Build a temple and tablet to thank her: It’s a chinese saying to describe excessive gratitude (usually used in sarcasm)
  2. Morra: This is the chinese equivalent to the ancient greek/roman game that involves revealing their hand and calling out a list of numbers starting from 1- 6. It’s more of a drinking game though.
  3. Qingqiu: Yes it’s the same Qingqiu as Bai Qian is in TMOPB, except here they are part of the demonic realm rather than the heavenly realm


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  1. Just want to express my sincerest gratitude for subbing this drama. You’ve brought so much happiness in my otherwise stressful and gloomy days. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


  2. Thank you so much for subbing this wonderful drama. Love it! Not since The Untamed have I loved a drama so much. My Mom used to say that if you make others happy, you will get good karma and be born beautiful in your next lifetime. If that’s really the case, you will be born super-duper beautiful because of all of us just so happy to get the subtitled episodes every day! 😀 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  3. It’s only episode 25 and I’m already feeling so disgusted with Hao Chen and the other 5 “righteous” sects 🤮 been hating Hao Chen since the first time he appear 🙃 he’s a hypocrites, and a crazy immortal. I can’t even stand seeing his face 🤮

    By the way, thank you so much for translating Love and Redemption when there is no one willing to translate this. I’m extremely grateful for your efforts 🙏🏻 I will always wait for the next episodes to be translated, thank you so much!


  4. Thank you for subbing!! I’m so nervous for their rescue linglong mission, I hope it doesn’t go south and end up with Xuanji being captured for the tianxu sect’s plan 😬.


  5. oh my my! my deputy chef is the leader of tianxu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay! he’s handsome though :d

    the white monkey appeared in a black version of him. i think we are gonna see a side story in next episodes 😦 even though i watched the eternal love and ashes of love, i didnt like them. but this show is good and interesting :d

    AND LIU BROTHER IS SOMETHİNG!!!!!! he should be an important person for the 3 realms.. or something like that? i didnt know he had that kind of power


  6. I liked this episode. Our gang has set off to save LingLong. I hope they are successful. The dijun guy never ceases to amaze me. A clown. A whole clown. Anyways onto some good news: Xuanji getting jealous over sifung. I know so many cute scenes are coming. I can’t wait for Xuanji to get her memories back. As usual thankyou for translating. Y’all are amazing 💜🥺

    PS- I am in full support of destroying the 5 sects. Rooting for the demons 💃🏾💃🏾


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