[Eng] Love and redemption Ep 52

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Synopsis: 1000 years ago, the God of war and the Star of Mosha fought against each other during a bitter battle that almost upturned the way of the world. However at the end of it, both had disappeared mysteriously. 1000 years later, their reincarnations are born into the mortal realm. Chu Xuanji was born into the world lacking the ability to understand or receiving information from the 6 senses leaving her clueless to the world and inept. She befriends Yu Sifeng, the most skilled disciple from the Lize palace who falls in love with her despite the consequences that would occur if he falls in love with a woman. Meanwhile, the demonic realm are preparing themselves to revive the star of Mosha in order to overthrow the Heavenly realm once more and soon the events of the past catches up to them….

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Commentary from the subber: Finally the passionate kiss scene is here! Thank you so much Ying for helping me with the subbing in this episode!


  1. Grandpa Liu’s house: It’s a way to make himself sound cool and powerful and ward them off, as the more senior you are in the family hierarchy the more influence and prestige you have in the family. More of a modern thing to do. Sometimes you will see some chinese call themselves “laozi” which means ‘dad’ for that same reason. I’ve also seen songs who tried to incorporate this kind of thing using english *ahem Caixukun in youth with you which is why it’s cringey.


link 2


BTS (was tempted to incorporate it into the actual episode but the comments would probably ruin the effect)

p.s. A couple of innuendos in the comments not sure if you get them or not

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  1. In rewatching this, I realized that in some way SF also treated XJ the same way as HC. Though borne from love, he tries to hide things from her, specifically the fact that she is the star of mosha. He too was trying to gaslight her and hide things from her for her own good (really patronizing in a i’m a dude and I know what’s good for you way). It’s just that SF’s action came from love and protection while HC came from control. Makes you think about how the thin line between love and stalking is and how it’s just the intent and how the actor is perceived by the target.


    1. So true. That’s why I don’t understand the hate on XJ & so much sympathy on SF. IMO both acted their part beautifully as dictated by their circumstances. That explain the huge contrast in reactions.


      1. Because that’s the “rule” of love curse. It can be broken/lifted once the one they’re in love with also sincerely loves them back and only love them. That rule applies to all Lize Palace sect disciples who ever gotten punish to wear the love curse mask.


        1. From one of the comments in other blogs who read the novel – there are 2 antidotes that will lift the curse & they should be both satisfied – express love fully & sexual satisfaction & both should be initiated by the FL. That’s why the cut scenes made more sense.


  2. So Si Feng still keeping things from XJ..sigh…
    Thank you so much for translating, PP and Ying ♥♥♥♥♥ I wonder why they cut that hot sex scene! Too hot? I feel like it’s very rare in a C-drama to see the girl be the aggressive one in a love scene so that was very refreshing.


  3. The beginning scene and behind the scenes footage was just sizzling hot. 🥵😩 Had me giggling like I’m not a grown woman with a kid lol. 😂 Love the on-screen chemistry between Cheng Yi and Crystal. They really outdid themselves. I’m excited to see the ending but also sad cause it’s just a really good story. I would wish for it to never end, however, too many episodes are just as bad as too little.

    Thanks for the hard work you’ve done, PP. 🤗❤️


  4. Does anyone know when exactly/which episode the lover’s curse was lifted? Quite sad it didn’t have like a proper resolution or closure HAHAHA.

    Also it seems like SF actually hid from XJ that the curse was already lifted hence that cheeky laugh when XJ asked about it.

    Thanks in advance!!


    1. The curse was lifted when she confessed her love and kissed him this episode (hence the glowing light radiating from his chest as she’s trying to disrobe him). He laughed cause he was relieved and happy (even though he is still nervous because he knows his life is still at risk with the j.c. still in his body). You should go back and rewatch the scene.

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  5. Thank you so much always. You literally make my days so happy and this drama has a special place in my heart. I’m glad in this episode they finally made up. Both deserve so much happiness.

    Btw, I wondered if you mind uploading the other episodes on cloud cloudvideo or mega too?


  6. Omg the bed scene~~ Did they cut a part of the scene out? Thank you so much for subbing the bed scene clip~ That was a treat~!

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I cannot thank you enough for making everyone’s day~
    I wish you lots of blessing and happpinesss~!!! yaya~!!!

    Thank you


  7. So good! Such a good drama. Excellent writing and acting. Only issue I have is the many shots of their hands fisting. Directors seemed to overuse this to the point where it’s just ludicrous how many hand fisting shots there are in this drama. Thank you Ying and PP for subbing. I’ve tried to only watch a few episodes but now I’m all caught up. Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you thank you thank you!


    1. Thank you so much!And special thanks for the BTS, that was so sayisfying and soothed my soul! After Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Love and Redemption gonna be my next fav Xianxia drama and I know I’m gonna be stuck here like for the next three months until I rewatched for quite a number of time( was stuck in a kind of timeloop after rewatching TMPB for about ten times!) Thanks again,never knew Cheng Yi could be this hot ❤️❤️


  8. The first 2 minutes in had me yelling. AYOOOOOO. They did not hold back. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 . Yesssss. 52 out of 59 episodes. Finallly 😭 . The wait was worth it. Anyways back to watching the episode.


  9. “this is not the bus to the elementary school” ROFWL 2x over
    I think she’s totally on par with Ye Hua’s panther move in sexiness.

    Thank you for your hard work. We can’t really see it as for us it’s just a pleasure to read your subs.
    With that said – now off to watch episodes. Yay!


  10. I nearly got a heart attack after seeing two episodes two days in a row
    Thank you so much for providing us with these subtitles. Lysm ❤❤❤


  11. Thank you so much for another episode!!! And woo that kiss scene at the beginning 🔥, this is why I love chinese dramas, the kiss scenes are always 10/10 with passion, compared to Korean dramas where the kisses look like two pieces of paper stuck together 😂.


  12. Thank you so much for all the subtitles and your tremendous hard work. Two episodes two days in a row!!! Incredible! Even paid sites don’t provide such fast subtitles. You are simply the best. Can’t thank you enough for your empathy in understanding our pain and anxiety with all this angst and trying to have us get over it sooner! I have been waiting for these episodes forever! Thanks a million!🥰


  13. I CAN’T BELIEVE WE GOT TWO EPISODES! You do not know how much I appreciate this! Thank you so much! Please know you’ve made my day yet again!


  14. I’m honestly so grateful not only for the subs but also for all of the notes, commentary and bts clips. It really adds to my understanding and enjoyment. I can’t imagine watching L&R without it.
    the kiss was hot, but the one-take of it was almost hotter 😀
    now that my eyes are mostly freed of Hao Chen, Yihua is trying to take his seat it seems.


  15. OMGGG Productive procrastinator you have so productive!! Thank you so much! I have been longing for sf and xj to be on good terms. Thank you for the effort you have put in to sub this series!


  16. That snake pet always been annoying, aah, they could have just waited for a day, now see……..
    Spitting blood has never been overused and SF just knows how to do it😂😂….
    Even I am spitting blood now,😂🤣🤣


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