[Eng] Love and Redemption Ep 59

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Synopsis: 1000 years ago, the God of war and the Star of Mosha fought against each other during a bitter battle that almost upturned the way of the world. However at the end of it, both had disappeared mysteriously. 1000 years later, their reincarnations are born into the mortal realm. Chu Xuanji was born into the world lacking the ability to understand or receiving information from the 6 senses leaving her clueless to the world and inept. She befriends Yu Sifeng, the most skilled disciple from the Lize palace who falls in love with her despite the consequences that would occur if he falls in love with a woman. Meanwhile, the demonic realm are preparing themselves to revive the star of Mosha in order to overthrow the Heavenly realm once more and soon the events of the past catches up to them….

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Commentary from the subber: Final episode! Thank you so much for who was with me on this journey! Special thanks to the Kiriasian team for helping me time this drama (they will be providing the spanish subtitles) and Ying and Amy from AVV who have helped me sub some of the episodes! Enjoy!


BTS (marriage kiss)

BTS (baby)

Next life teaser



  1. Am so gland to watch dis lovely movie tnx for d sub Almighty God will bless u like am really excited God will reward you abundantly


  2. I had to look up the novel this series is based on (Luili Meiren Sha) because people said Xuanji was more badass in the novel. Gotta say, yes, also the fights with Tengshe are a lot gorier, and with regards to the criticism that the drama engages in “drama for the sake of drama” in the novel, the lover’s curse is triggered for a real reason. Maybe this reason has been dumped because they aged up the characters and didn’t feel like a 16 year old’s immaturity would work with a 21 year old even though given her nature, I think it would work. That said, the novel isn’t really good exactly, I’d call it more mediocre and it’s not surprising that scads of changes were made to adapt it to television. I do find it disappointing that a few actually good ideas the novel had (in my mind) don’t make it into the series and instead, they stay true to meaningless details like names of minor characters. For example, some of Zhong Minyan’s character development, or the triggering of the lover’s curse, or Aunt Hong being Xuanji’s teacher and using her own laziness to motivate her. I liked this series a lot, especially the ending, or I wouldn’t torture myself trying to reason a machine translated enovel, and I appreciate Productive Procrastination for the translation work, very kind.


  3. And thus the journey ends. From start to finish this drama had me hooked. I think Ashes of Love might either get supplanted or might be sharing a spot as my most beloved fantasy C-drama.

    Love and Redemption from start to finish was such a well plotted and executed drama it was hard to not become enthralled. Well acted, well scripted, well executed and a satisfying end that did not feel rushed at all. This is what viewers asks for. And it looks like there may be a second season??! If so, I’m looking forward to it, but if not I am satisfied nonetheless with what we got. This drama was as close to perfection as I have ever seen a drama be in a long while. Kudos to the entire team, and thank you once again subbers for making this drama accessible to us who do not speak the language.


  4. Thank you so much PP for subbing this entire series~ This has been a very long and wonderful journey. I am very happy that I can join in this journey with all of you. I have read some of the comments and is anticipating for future Love and Redemption season 2. I cannot wait for the exciting season to come. I am super happy that they are doing a season 2 for this. If L and R has 200 episodes, I wouldn’t mind at all~ Overall, I would say this drama is a masterpiece asides from the Untamed. I am glad I get to enjoy such a great drama. I do appreciate your effort in making it possible for me to enjoy such a wonderful drama.

    You have truly work hard and done an awesome job. I do love the tidbits and translation notes, which helps me understand the drama better. I truly appreciate all that you have done. I wish you many years of happiness and great success in all you do. I also hope you will find true love like in the drama L and D. I wish you all that are watching this drama to found someone to cherish, love, and is willing to sacrifice for you. I also wish you all a blissful life filled with great happiness~!!

    on a side note: this drama is truly remarkable. All characters did excellent as well as the supporting actor. I love all characters in this drama, except few of course, but the actor/ actress did an awesome job~!

    Also, this is random, but I have to say this. at 6:50 when Ruo Yu and Yuan Lang was fighting, somebody said EEEEEEEE. It was funny. I just want to point that out for those who miss that and want a good laugh.

    Anyway, this journey has come to an end, but I am looking forward to future journey~ I appreciate all your effort and thank you so much~!! ❤ ❤ Much love~!!!!


  5. Thanks for subbing this, by the way do you know that if this drama will broadcast in Korea on 30 September ? Do you know which channel they will broadcast the drama ? i really want to watch it since the news said it will broadcast full uncut version


  6. I just watched episode 59 again and realized that the end of the story is the protagonist couple’s 10th life. And that the emperor gives Xuanji a choice and she chooses to be a mortal.
    Realize that the drama ends in the 10th life. The mini video of Goodbye from the series (shows the 12th life). Now the question comes (and the 11th life), where is it?

    I think I can make a guess here (believe it if you want), but..I think Xuanji and Si Feng (will return for season 2), they will unite the romance (which is the story of Zi Hu and Wu Zi Qi), and telling about the 11th life of Si Feng and Xuanji (and the 12th life shown in the mini video), could be a new continuation (season 3), in the modern world.
    P.S: You may not believe it (but I think all that confusion), which happens at the event, the final concert on September 20 (it was just a tug of war), because the company that owns L&R wants, yes, Cristal Yuan with them (and I don’t think even Cheng Yi understood the situation properly). I think that when the director (in the end responded to journalists) that he would see the possibility, yes, of the couple collaborating again (if there was an appropriate script). I believe that this director (already knew something).
    P.S: It is quite possible that without anyone knowing (both companies), Cristal Yuan and Cheng Yi (have already entered into an agreement). Wait and see. I’m rooting for it. (An agreement that is beneficial to everyone and that everyone wins.).


  7. THANK YOU PP ❤️❤️❤️
    Thank you so much for subbing this wonderful drama and putting so much of your time and hard work into it. You did it flawlessly!! This is drama is such a masterpiece and easily the best of 2020. I think its even better than Ashes of Love and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. Everything about it is amazing, the stellar cast, Sifeng’s crying scenes are heart wrenching. My favourite character after Sifeng was Luoho Jidu even though he didn’t have a lot of scenes he still managed to show the pain and suffering he went through.
    Then there’s BaiLin, I think he got off too easily, he needs to be cut open and trapped in that sea of life of death he likes so much. He killed and harmed so many innocent people all for his narcissistic need to be “save the 3 realms”. I don’t see the complexity in his character that so many other people see, he redeemed himself in the last 5 minutes and has sudden epiphany he was the evil incarnate and needed to die? He deserved to be tortured endlessly and pay for his crimes if “all life is equal”
    This drama is the perfect blend of everything, it has friendship, family, passionate romance, fantasy, tragedy, melo and even psychological thriller scenes plus the CGI is not bad.
    Cheng Yi is definitely one of the most famous men in China right now and he deserves it, his performance is beautiful.
    I’m off to read the novel even though it’s nothing in comparison to the drama❤️
    Thank you again PP for your marvellous work, you are an amazing person❤️


  8. I dont wanna be sad but the sadness just wont fade but im still very happy and satisfied *-* Thank you for allowing us to enjoy this beautiful story with you PP!! ❤ ❤ ❤ I am confused since they should be going back to the heaven realm after their life in the mortal realm right? xD But I hope if ever the modern world happens they'd make it as amazing as l&r with the same casts or if not , I hope to see them in another amazing drama huhu I love their pairing so much TT^TT ❤


  9. Thank you so much!

    On Sun, Sep 27, 2020, 3:42 PM Productive Procrastination wrote:

    > ProductiveProcrastinator posted: “PLEASE DO NOT REUPLOAD MY VIDEOS. If you > see them floating around in youtube or facebook or any other places other > than here please do help me report these channels or try and direct them > here. That will be much appreciated. It will give me more motivatio” >


  10. Thanks you so much for subbing this drama. It was such an emotional roller-coaster ride. So very happy for their happy ending. They both deserved it!

    Definitely the best drama out this year so far.


  11. Ahhh that was such a satisfying watch! A really great all-rounder. Perfect ending too. I love the way they filmed the happy ending scene, it was so smooth and just gives off a happy, at peace vibes. Although I’m sad because it’s come to an end, I’m happy that we can finally leave them to live happily together.

    I heard a lot about there being a second season, personally, I think they endured enough! But it looks like it’s a completely different story after all. Is it really going to be about Zi Hu and Wu Zhi Qi? I’ve grown to like them a lot, and Zi Hu’s suffering and sacrifices was quite sad to watch too.

    It’s great that Tengshe seem to visit every now and again, although I prefer him to be beside XJ all the time. Their bond is really unique and loving in its own right.

    Also, just more clarification on the ending, I’ve read comments that XJ is actually pregnant again?

    Thank you so much for the subs and the wonderful translation notes. I didin’t realise just how much they helped me enjoy this drama but there’s so many contextual stuff that wouldn’t have made sense without them.

    Thank you for your and everyone else’s hardwork.

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    1. It’s Linglong who is pregnant again. Xuanji’s just being an irresponsible goof and making Sifeng do the “maternal” duties.


  12. PP you have spoiled me… while watching other xanxia or wuxia I miss your tidbits Infos on Chinese mythology or characters or any detailed explanation… Looking forward to your other works.. Thank you so much for your hard work and for making the journey of this show a lot more enjoyable and comprehensible.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Thank you so much for your hard work, PP! You have done an awesome job. Looking forward to more in future. 🙂

    Everything in this drama just meshed well. The actors, the plot, the dialogues, the costumes, the scenery. First time I saw a long Chinese drama without hitting the fast forward button!

    The chemistry between Cheng Yi and Crystal Yuan was amazing. They made their characters so adorably fascinating. The supporting cast also gave a stellar performance. An emotional roller coaster that was worth the ride.

    I cannot wait to see Love and Redemption 2. But I wish it was not set in the modern era. I would have preferred a mix of heaven and demon/Asura realms instead…


    1. Apparently there are rumors that it’s going to be an adaptation of another novel of Shishilang’s the author of the book love and redemption was adapted from Qian Xiang yin which is another historical xianxia novel with a similar theme and there are 12 lifetimes the FL has to suffer in. I find that that novel is more tragic than the novel of love and redemption so I assume it all be another tear jerker. But I don’t know if it’s 100% true or not.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks for the info. Hope it is as good, if not better, than Love and Redemption 1. I’ve found season 2 of various dramas usually don’t live upto the mark. By the way what is FL?


  14. When the so called ‘righteous sects’ congratulate Sifeng on his wedding day, my reaction was “huh, congrats my foot. Did you all forgot how you treated Sifeng as a demon before?!” lmao. But anyway, all the characters deserved their own happy ending indeed, except the villain ones lol don’t mention them. Can not thank u enough PP, Ying and the entire team for all the subs!! Be healthy always, see you in the next drama xoxo ~


  15. Thank you very very much ProductiveProcrastinator for subbing this wonderful drama. Without you, we can’t fully enjoy and approciate this amazing work, it is really a combination of beautiful storytelling and brilliant casts, especially Cheng Yi as Si Feng, his consistent performance, has been mesmerized from the start to the end.
    By the way, there is also one more thing that i want to ask, why is the only way to free Si Feng from Juntian Cehai, had to released Moshaxing? Why is not by Wu Zhi Qi? Because he was the one who have been keeping Juntian Cehai before.
    About Bailin, i think he finally trully know his mistakes is when he know that Luo Huo Ji Du is not a bad person after all. And he asked them for forgiveness. Because when the Heavenly Emperor show him, what it should’ve been like if he didn’t interfered, i don’t think he really convinced. Because the deed had already done, it will not change the situation now. But by Si Feng show him that Luo Huo Ji Du’s heart can be changed by love, he finally understand.


    1. I think it’s because Wu Zhi Qi never inserted the juntiancehai into his body that’s why he was able to hand it over to SF because he’s a monkey demon not an /Asura/devil. That’s also why he was unable to use it as power to sever the connection between XJ and the spiritual lamp in ep 47 (when SF got the Juntiancehai). It was once the ribs of LHJD and because he’s the only devil they know they can revive which is why it’s the only way to save him as the weapon is trying to explode out of SF’s probably destroying the body that is trying to contain it on its exit. I don’t know why he can’t just remove it from his body


      1. Thaaankkksss ProductiveProcrastinator!
        Also thanks for subtitling the drama’s Behind The Scenes, i really like them, they all very funny, it show how good the camaderies of the casts and crews.. keep them caming, hehehe..


  16. THE END! Thank you so much Productive Procrastinator♥♥♥ It feels like it’s been such a long journey but we just had to watch and read whilst you did all the hard work! Thank you for all the translations, notes and BTS. Thank you also to Kiriasian, Ying and Amy for assisting PP on this.


  17. Thank you so much PP, I’m truly grateful for your hard work and sorry for being a bit aggressive with my comments regarding Hao Chen, I swore way too much because of him and the righteous sects.


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