[Eng] Love and the Emperor Ep 20

Please do not reupload my videos

Synopsis: Li Xia, an employee in a startup video game company is trapped inside the new virtual otome game that her company has developed after a few bugs prevents her from leaving the virtual world she was transported into. There, she meets the Emperor and the lead male character of the game who has disguised himself as an eunuch to try and escape from the stifling court affairs. After saving her from drowning twice, she and the Emperor strike up a strange and comedic relationship which slowly blossoms to a sweet touching love story.



  1. Hello can I ask if can you Eng sub the drama Xuan Yuan Sword Han Cloud 2017 by Zhang Yunlong,Guan Xiaotong and Yu Menglong please I really want to watch it but I don’t find any site that sub the drama from1-58 ep i hope you see this


  2. Dang. At least there were sweet moments sprinkled into the show because it sure got depressing again. Part of me is afraid that this will be a tragedy. And if it is, I hope it won’t hurt >.<

    Thanks so much for the updates!! I really appreciate your efforts.


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