[Eng] Beauty Private Kitchen Ep 33 & 34

Synopsis: Song Yu Die (Zheng Shuang) is a renowned chef in Hangzhou city with a mysterious identity. She grew up learning how to cook from her adopted mother who is also a brilliant chef and the owner of the famous restaurant Tianxiang restaurant. Her sweetheart Li Ma (Ray Ma) is the adopted son of her mother and she knows that they will marry when they grow up. However things change when she encounters Prince Zhao Yuan Qing and Li Ma heads off to the battlefield to build a career for himself. Meanwhile beneath the prosperity, a threat lurks in the background and together with Li Ma, Zhao Yuan Qing she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save it…..


  1. Father: In this instance, his subordinates addresses Wanyan Zhelie’s father as your imperial father, which suggests that Wanyan Zhelie’s father was a prince.
  2. 7th day death anniversary: Traditionally, this was one of the most important days after a person has died. An important ceremony would be held by the grave of the deceased which includes placing offerings, perhaps even a monk coming to chant by the grave. Some people even believe this was the day when the ghost of the deceased returns to the living to make one final farewell.
  3. Princess consort: or the legitimate/head wife of the prince. Consort Luo and Consort Lv seems to only be side consorts so if Yu Die marries Zhao Yuan Qing she will be the highest ranking female wife and they should address her as elder sister or Consort.

Translator comment: It gets very angsty from here and dark from this episode onwards. Will try to sub it as quickly as possible

Ep 33

Ep 34



  1. Thank you for subbing these episodes and your previous review of this drama. Once you are hooked on a drama even though it becomes very draggy, it’s hard not to want to see how the ending turns out.


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