[Eng] I Fell in Love by Accident Ep 5, 6, 7

Please do not reupload this video!

Synopsis: After being single for 6 years, the workacholic, creative director of an advertising company Zheng Ming Wei no longer looks for love as he has lost all interest in dating. However forced by his boss, when he meets the relationship counselor and advisor An Ran, his view on love changes and through complications realizes their love for each other.


  1. Give me this one, and a straw: It’s in French and I don’t know much French so I’m just translating it from the chinese subtitles.
  2. Mayinglong: It’s a medicine brand who is most famous for it’s medicines for piles/haemorrhoids
  3. Hang myself on one tree: only stick with one lover
  4. Mingxuan: She’s Emily, just her chinese name, just like Evan is Zheng Ming Wei’s english name

Ep 5

Ep 6

Ep 7


  1. Oh my! Three more episodes! What a wonderful surprise. You are on fire! Thanks again for al of your hard work on this drama. We have reached the halfway point of the drama, and I’m looking forward to the second half.


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