[Eng] I Fell in Love by Accident Ep 8 & 9

Please do not reupload this video!

Synopsis: After being single for 6 years, the workacholic, creative director of an advertising company Zheng Ming Wei no longer looks for love as he has lost all interest in dating. However forced by his boss, when he meets the relationship counselor and advisor An Ran, his view on love changes and through complications realizes their love for each other.


  1. An air-conditioner: doesn’t mean the AC in a house, instead it’s used to describe people (usually men) who show their affection/care/love to every female they see
  2. Dog food: Chinese internet slang that means when an in love couple show their affection to each other in front of other usually single people (the single dogs)

Ep 8

Ep 9


  1. May I recommend some old dramas having no sub till date? Hoping you will pick those as well someday. Thank you for taking time to add subtitles.


  2. Thank you for picking this up. I find it sweet and simple. I love the trivia that you add in every episodes. Stay safe and healthy.


  3. Ooh! that “almost kiss”-haha! Thanks so much to the subbing team for all your hard work bringing us these new episodes. You are on fire! Keep them coming. Only 3 more episodes left- I can hardly believe it! Waiting for the next ep.


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