[Eng] I Fell in Love by Accident Ep 10, 11, 12 END

Please do not reupload this video!

Synopsis: After being single for 6 years, the workacholic, creative director of an advertising company Zheng Ming Wei no longer looks for love as he has lost all interest in dating. However forced by his boss, when he meets the relationship counselor and advisor An Ran, his view on love changes and through complications realizes their love for each other.


  1. Focus on your heart and your kidneys: 走肾不走心 which literally translates to only have kidneys but have no heart is a chinese internet slang phrase that means a relationship where there’s no love just lust/or a relationship that only exists to satisfy certain physical needs. In this case, she means she wants his love and lust too. Why are the kidneys often associated with lust/ the physical side of a relationship? Because positioned above is is the adrenal glands, which can make you feel more energetic through the secretion of adrenaline.

Ep 10


Ep 11

Ep 12



  1. Wow! What a wonderful surpise-the final 3 episodes all together! Thank you so much for all your hard work subbing this cute mini drama. Short and Sweet-Just what I needed in these trying times.
    I’ll look forward to your next drama project.


  2. That was really one tour de force from your side. Thank you! As it’s so short, I’ve been waiting for the last episode to start with the first.
    My Sunday project now. 😉


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