[Eng] My Dear Destiny Ep 15 & 16

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Synopsis: Set in the time of the Yi, Humans, the Wolf tribe and the Witches lived together on the land of Zhangzhou where the three forces lived in dangerous peace due to the fact that they were all evenly balanced in power.The Female Saint of the Witch (Wuzu) clan, Mi Qi Qi, was sent to the human world by her teacher and accidentally becomes the side consort of the king of Yi Qi tribe/kingdom and becomes embroiled in the conflicts of his harem. The two eventually join hands to subdue the chaos between the three tribes.


  1. The mountain behind you: This means someone who is your backer/ supporter/ patron
  2. As true as 9 dings: A ding is a chinese prehistoric cauldron that were often very large and heavy, so this chinese saying means that his word weighs as much as 9 dings. 
  3. View of a woman: Similar to many cultures, the chinese were also dismissive towards women in the past. Women were seen as people who only knew about the happenings of the family and their life revolved around the inner/back courtyard 后院 and hence knew nothing about the way court and the outside world works. 

Ep 15

Ep 16

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