[Eng] Beauty Private Kitchen Ep 47 & 48

Synopsis: Song Yu Die (Zheng Shuang) is a renowned chef in Hangzhou city with a mysterious identity. She grew up learning how to cook from her adopted mother who is also a brilliant chef and the owner of the famous restaurant Tianxiang restaurant. Her sweetheart Li Ma (Ray Ma) is the adopted son of her mother and she knows that they will marry when they grow up. However things change when she encounters Prince Zhao Yuan Qing and Li Ma heads off to the battlefield to build a career for himself. Meanwhile beneath the prosperity, a threat lurks in the background and together with Li Ma, Zhao Yuan Qing she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save it…..


  1. The flowers have withered, the fruit is still unripe….However the flowers will regrow again across the world: This is a phrase from Su  Shi’s poem “the romance between the butterfly and flower” or Die Liang hua. It’s most famous phrase is the last line, flowers will regrow again across the world which is often used to persuade someone to either be more adaptable, or when it comes to love, even if you lose the one your love, there are plenty of other people worth falling in love with in the world.
  2. Whatever the plant: It’s a reference to the flowers mentioned in the poem he recited before.
  3. …making the now white dog plump: A doggerel. The last 2 lines are a reference to a dog playing in the snow and ends up getting a new snow coat of fur afterwards.
  4. Happy event: Reference to a wedding or the wedding night
  5. Xi: or 喜 which means happy, delight, happy event.
  6. Poisonous heat: In traditional chinese medicine, the heat must be balanced. When someone is ill, this heat becomes unbalance so through medicine we can adjust it back to the right heat.

Ep 47

Ep 48


  1. Thank you so much for subbing this drama,thank you for all of your hard work!😀 I enjoyed every parts in this drama diffidently one of the best.



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