[Eng] Beauty Private Kitchen Ep 49 & 50 End

Synopsis: Song Yu Die (Zheng Shuang) is a renowned chef in Hangzhou city with a mysterious identity. She grew up learning how to cook from her adopted mother who is also a brilliant chef and the owner of the famous restaurant Tianxiang restaurant. Her sweetheart Li Ma (Ray Ma) is the adopted son of her mother and she knows that they will marry when they grow up. However things change when she encounters Prince Zhao Yuan Qing and Li Ma heads off to the battlefield to build a career for himself. Meanwhile beneath the prosperity, a threat lurks in the background and together with Li Ma, Zhao Yuan Qing she may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save it…..


  1. Chinese yam: The chinese name of Chinese yam literally translates to “mountain medicine”
  2. Coix seed: These are seeds and one of it’s chinese names is “mountain medicine seed”
  3. Chicken and knife: The chinese character for chicken is phonetically the same as chance
  4. The fire is burning at our home: It’s an idiom that means it’s a critical situation, just like when the fire is already burning at your door.
  5. Offer as a sacrifice to the flag: This refers to the practice of killing POWs before a battle. In the past, this was done to increase the morale of the soldiers.
  6. Fuma: The special title given to the princess’ husband

Ep 49

Ep 50



  1. Hi wishing you merry Christmas. You may find this bit odd but the drama request I have is on youtube, unfortunately unsubbed. Hope you to have a look on it if have some time.
    最好的遇见, 浪漫满厨, 功夫婆媳


    1. I’m going to be finishing agent x, maybe pick up please give me a pair of wings and or my amazing bride and see if there are any good unsubbed dramas that are being released in 2021. Over Christmas I will be subbing 3 films that I have enjoyed this year, enormous legendary fish, shadow dynasty and the film adaptation for the novel Di eldest daughter and one of my collaborators suggested working together on a fairly unknown drama called Legend of Concubine Wei. Feel free to make requests.


      1. You do not know how much me and my friends appreciate you and your collaborators for taking the time to sub these dramas. Thank you so much!! You make our weekends very enjoyable.

        Drama request- Would you be willing to sub a Chinese republican era drama by any chance? There’s one called sniper that released this year but no one has been subbing it. Like most republican era dramas lol.

        Another note- do you have a donation page? I might be getting a job in the few weeks and hopefully will be able to give you and your subbers a Christmas gift 🙂


      2. Thanks to you and your team for all your hard work in bringng us these dramas. Much appreciated! Thank you for sharing your upcoming schedule. I hope you will consider these dramas:
        Love Script-currently airing 24 ep rom com. Premise is different as ML has an accident where he receives a concussion and when he wakes up he believes he is a Prince from the historic times. Drama goes back and forth with scenes set in modern day and the past.
        When Shui Met Mo: A Love Story- drama only has machine subs that do not make sense.
        Thanks for considering these dramas.


  2. Thank you. It is finally over. You did a great job! Some parts were so tedious but finally in the end Li Ma and Yu Die ended up together.


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