[Eng] My Dear Destiny Ep 23 & 24

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Synopsis: Set in the time of the Yi, Humans, the Wolf tribe and the Witches lived together on the land of Zhangzhou where the three forces lived in dangerous peace due to the fact that they were all evenly balanced in power.The Female Saint of the Witch (Wuzu) clan, Mi Qi Qi, was sent to the human world by her teacher and accidentally becomes the side consort of the king of Yi Qi tribe/kingdom and becomes embroiled in the conflicts of his harem. The two eventually join hands to subdue the chaos between the three tribes.


  1. Ask for a foot when I give you an inch: A chinese saying that means asking for something bigger when given something small, so a greed that can never be satisfied.
  2. Consuming the gall bladder of a leopard and a heart of a bear: leopards and bears are both fierce animals so the gall bladder was believed to be the source of courage so it’s used to describe someone who is too being too bold/ audacious as if they had consumed these two items
  3. Ginger tea: This is often made to warm someone up as according to traditional chinese medicine ginger is a “hot” item and will warm your body if you consume it

Ep 23

Ep 24


  1. I watched this drama regardless if my favorite actor is just a second lead, LI GEYANG took my heart in SALUTE TO MY YOUTH since then I have skipped dramas where he’s not the male lead. I endured it bc the male lead here is promising plus the visual. My main reason was the Female lead, I adore her acting, she cries beautifully and her smile is enchanting, The Sleepless Princess made me addicted to Historical after being a big fan of Modern Cdramas.


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