[Eng] My Dear Destiny Ep 25 & 26

Please do not reupload my videos! That will be much appreciated!

Synopsis: Set in the time of the Yi, Humans, the Wolf tribe and the Witches lived together on the land of Zhangzhou where the three forces lived in dangerous peace due to the fact that they were all evenly balanced in power.The Female Saint of the Witch (Wuzu) clan, Mi Qi Qi, was sent to the human world by her teacher and accidentally becomes the side consort of the king of Yi Qi tribe/kingdom and becomes embroiled in the conflicts of his harem. The two eventually join hands to subdue the chaos between the three tribes.


  1. Eyelid fluttering/twitching: There is a chinese superstition that states if your right eyelid keeps twitching suddenly then there will be trouble or some sort of misfortune and if it’s your left eyelid then you may get an unexpected bit of money.
  2. Mother of Yiqi: I’m not sure if there is a typo or if it’s just for this particular drama as it’s a fantasy but the mother of a country often refers to the Queen or Empress in Chinese history. Comes from the term 母仪天下, treating the civilians of your country with the same benevolence and care as a mother would to her child

Ep 25

Ep 26


  1. Thank you for the subs. This is an underrated drama and its subs are very hard to find and the available ones are also very bad. Your subtitles are really good and easy to understand.


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