[Eng] Black Lighthouse Ep 11 & 12


Synopsis: Due to a mysterious reason, Qiao Nuo’s intelligent twin sister asks her to go and intern at her place at the city court at Jia Nan. As she struggles through the internship due to her lack of knowledge of the work it entails, she witnesses the intense confrontations between prosecutors and defense lawyers with her own eyes and starts to develop an appreciation for this profession. Whilst working to find clues to help the cases, accumulating work experience, and gaining the support of a good mentor, she finds true friends, love and the career she wishes to pursue and the qualities and skills she never realized she had.


  1. Beat the bush to alert the snake: A chinese idiom that means alerting the enemy (the snake) by doing something rash
  2. Punched a blanket of cotton: Because a pillow/blanket of cotton is soft, so no matter how much force you put in, it completely softens the blow and the punch will do nothing. It’s a saying that means that what you did feels as if it did nothing to that something or somebody.
  3. Fortunate thing in 3 lifetimes: This is something that is often said when you first meet someone out of politeness.

Ep 11

Ep 12

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  1. Thank you so much for subbing this kind of law drama . Thanks a lot for your hard work .
    When your current projects are finished , please consider subbing ” Trace ” also . I’ll always support you 加油!


  2. Aaaaaaaaahhh… thank you for the double ep PP, been waiting for update soooo much… lovelove… ready for binge watching after work 🙂 🙂

    Hopefully QN and Li Xu Yao’s misunderstanding come clear in these eps :* :*


  3. Please upload everyday like other dramas. Dying to see this drama. Pls upload 1 episode per day. I feel like you are avoiding this drama.


    1. It’ very rare for me to upload one episode per day for any project unless it is a special circumstance because I have other projects running and I have other work to do as well. Besides this one is very wordy and there is a lot of legal jargon which I struggle a little because I’m not familiar with it which means it takes me much longer so it’s impossible for me to upload every day for this one anyway. Sorry.


      1. Your reply is totally understandable as you have a life to lead besides your blog posts. I heartily thank you for your posts on whatever drama you are working on. Patience is a virtue we should all practice.


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