[Eng] Black Lighthouse Ep 13 & 14


Synopsis: Due to a mysterious reason, Qiao Nuo’s intelligent twin sister asks her to go and intern at her place at the city court at Jia Nan. As she struggles through the internship due to her lack of knowledge of the work it entails, she witnesses the intense confrontations between prosecutors and defense lawyers with her own eyes and starts to develop an appreciation for this profession. Whilst working to find clues to help the cases, accumulating work experience, and gaining the support of a good mentor, she finds true friends, love and the career she wishes to pursue and the qualities and skills she never realized she had.


  1. Good thing: This is just the literal meaning of it, but it can often mean getting a boyfriend/husband, or a plan or scheme. One of those double meaning phrases that can mean different things depending on the context.
  2. Being the lightbulb: The person who is hanging around a couple, because they are like a light bulb shining at them.
  3. Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-jiutsu: all types of martial arts
  4. Guī guī v.s. Guì guì: The first sounds like tortoise which also means coward and the second (or Gui Gui with the 4th accent ) is the last character of his name. It sounds very similar, so chinese learners, be careful with how you stress the accents as it could mean something totally different.
  5. What kind of medicine are you hiding in your gourd?: It’s a saying that means a human heart is hard to read, you don’t know what they are thinking. Why gourd? Because dried gourd shells were often used by witch doctors who claim that their pills can give you eternal life would often store their “magical pills” in gourds as the pill will keep for longer as the lid is more secure than wooden containers, containers made out of china etc.

Ep 13

Ep 14

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  1. Thank you so much, it’s a fast traduction and upload; The end of the last episode was stressful. I’am gonna watch now. Have a nice week. Love


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