[Eng] Agent X Ep 19

Disclaimer: This is a fansub so please do not reupload this video.

Synopsis: During a mission, Zhong Li and her superior, an elite agent by the name of He Jun Feng accidentally met. Two wholly different people are seemingly pulled together by fate, and sparks of love result. They are quarrelsome lovers, and often argue;yet they are a couple whether in life or death,will help each other without reason at critical moments, and risk their lives to finish one mission after the other. Yet…dangerous fights,suffocating betrayals, a fated love story and the dazzling society….everything will be ready soon.

(synopsis from MydramaList)


  1. The egg that runs into a stone: A typical chinese saying that means someone who is doing something that is beyond their capability. Like an egg running into a stone, they will only be hurt if they continue down that path.
  2. Liu Bei: He is famous for using his crying to gain pity from his opponents, gaining support of the people and getting himself a good adviser. In fact some argue that if he didn’t “cry” so well and with such good timing, he may not have been able to succeed. Some famous “crying” incidents include crying was in front of Xu Shu, one of his previous close confidants. Xu Shu’s mother was captured by Cao Cao and used her to threaten Xu Shu to work for him. Liu Bei cried when he saw Xu Shu off and Xu Shu who was deeply touched by his crying did not assist Cao Cao when he went to Cao Cao and advised Liu Bei to find Zhuge Liang. Liu Bei again managed to persuade Zhuge Liang into helping him by his crying too. Although he is known for crying but there is no doubt Liu Bei is also extremely intelligent and no coward.

Ep 19

Link 1: https://cloudvideo.tv/ex4iwh7y4txh

Link 2



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