[Eng] The Confidence Ep 2

Synopsis: Ke Ying is an intelligent, talented lecturer at the Nanzhou University who is forced to help psychopath Feng Xiao Sheng gain real power within his corporation after he seeks revenge on her for assisting the police in destroying his previous gang. The street smart Xiao Wu is a police informant, and when he discovers Fu’s company is laundering money with foreign bank accounts, he befriends Ke Ying, and the two work together to destroy the criminal organization.

Not suitable for the viewing of children and under 15s as there are some violent scenes (apologies for the ads, I’m trying to find a more reputable site to upload it on.)


  1. Old oily gun: The literal translation of the streets gangster’s name is Old gun (Lao Qiang). The chinese often calls someone oily to describe that they are crafty and slippery.
  2. Snatching good civilian man, forcing them to do evil: The original chinese saying is snatching a good civilian woman, forcing them to be prostitutes, he just adapted it to himself.

Link 1: https://cloudvideo.tv/n1wcnjf26cr7


  1. Both of the links aren’t working now. It says “The file was deleted by administration as it did not comply with our Terms of Use.”


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