[Eng] So Young Ep 1 -9

So Young Ep 1-9 are subbed by astrasubs. I will provide the links to where to watch the videos from the original subber below. Please don’t reupload her videos.

Synopsis: Zheng Wei is known as the jade faced Fei Long, and true to her nickname she goes off to study at the same university as her childhood crush Lin Jing in her pursue of love. Unfortunately by the time she hears from him again, he’s already gone to study abroad. But after lamenting for a bit, Zheng Wei soon heals and makes friends with her roommates and finds a new crush, her senior Chen Xiao Zheng. Unfortunately shortly after they fall in love, he too leaves to study abroad.

Several years later, Lin Jing and Chen Xiao Zheng enters back into her life again. And after a series of challenges and life changing experiences, she learns to make better choices in life and in love.

Link to ep 1- 8: https://astrasubs.home.blog/2019/04/06/subtitle-directory/

Ep 9: https://astrasubs.home.blog/2019/06/06/so-young-episode-9-eng-sub/

NB: One of the male leads of this drama is the male lead for black lighthouse. It’s strange seeing him in a lovey dovey scene with Chen Yao in this drama and then see him hanging around with Janice Wu. My advice is if you have these problems to not watch them together.

Thanks so much to Grace for sponsoring this drama 🙂

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